French Gangster Redoine Faid Makes Heroic Helicopter Escape From Jail

Sumayya Khalid

French Gangster Makes Heroic Helicopter Escape From Jail

Redoine Faid, forty-six years old, France’s notorious criminal, made a daring prison break on Sunday with the help of three gunmen armed with AK-47s. It was an extremely well-prepared commando unit that had all the expertise, weapons, and tools, it needed to carry out security inside the jail. Before escaping in the helicopter, Redoine Faid was meeting one of his brothers at 11.30 am local time. No injury was reported and his brother was arrested by police for questioning.

According to French authorities, Faid had three willing partners who took the pilot hostage at a flying club as he waited for a flight lesson on Sunday morning in the Paris. He was released later unharmed. The helicopter was set on fire in a town in the northern suburbs of Paris. Faid was supposed to have left by car along with his partners. He had been serving a twenty-five-year sentence at a suburban jail in the south of Paris for an unsuccessful attempt of robbery in the year 2010 that led to the death of a twenty-six-year-old policewoman Aurelie Fouquet. It was the 2nd heroic escape by Faid. Earlier in April 2013, he took four jail guards hostage with a revolver and blasted his way out of a different jail by using explosives hidden in tissue envelopes. Though, he was trapped 6 weeks later from a hotel in Paris. His recent escape, from Reau Jail, took just a few minutes while unarmed guards could do nothing to stop it.

He is one of the most notorious gangsters of the country having a long criminal career claimed to be inspired by Hollywood gangsters films like “Heat and “Scarface”. At a Paris film festival in 2009, he approached Michael Mann (film director) thanking him as his technical advisor. Also, he wrote later that he watched Mann’s film “Heat” several times as an inspiration for bank robbery.

According to reports of French media, he led a gang in 1990 involved in robbing shops, banks, and armored vehicles.  He took couples, families, and on one occasion also a police officer hostage.

In 1998, he was arrested after 3 years on the run in Israel where he claimed himself as a learned Hebrew and an Orthodox Jew. He was freed in 2009 after serving 10 years sentence. At that time, he convinced administrators that he is regretted his former criminal life. He has made numerous TV appearances and wrote two books about his criminal life. He was nicknamed as ‘Author’ by police for his books which he wrote about his early life. One of his jail superintendents said that Faid never had any clashes with staff but in the corner of his mind, he never lost the idea of fleeing.

According to the Guardian, Faid’s escape incited an immense manhunt across Paris, comprising about 2,900 French armed forces and checkpoints alongside the Belgian border. The French Police had mobilized its security forces and advised the public to notify them with any relevant information.

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