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A rhetoric sentence, frustration is hovering around everywhere in our society these days. Everyone comes with complaining about frustration in life, grumbling about hardships and absence of happiness. The evidence of grumbling nature of human is present in the Holy Quran. “And man is very ungrateful (Surat al- Isrra 17:67). But what is happiness itself? There is a need to realize that is it something absolute or relative in nature? The reason behind the present frustrated environment and people with psychological problems is that we always seek happiness in a relative sense. We always relate our happiness to the presence of material things, having things that someone else has. Most of the time human beings don’t rotate in God’s orbit for them. They try to follow the orbit of their own desires and greed. The ultimate result comes in the form of jerks of unhappiness. The searching process of happiness for you always remains outside of yourself that is the basic reason that we remain stressed and unable to portray our full potential.¬† The energy that can be used to explore oneself, drain out by negative thoughts of being unhappy.

Happiness is basically an absolute thing and it is not relative in nature. It can be relative only in one case when things become linked to one’s absolute happiness. My argument about the absolute nature of happiness can be strengthened by the presence of high profile personalities in different walks of life. Different people perform well in different disciplines of life due to their own pleasure factor. Happiness for a person who has an interest in literary activities is to join a company of learned people, have a good book as a gift from someone. A person who has the inclination toward art, the happiness for his/her lies to attend the art and cultural programs .similarly happiness for a philanthropist resides in donating for others and to do something good for others. Parents find happiness when they see their children in a better position. So, we can say that happiness is actually what you feel good to do.

The real problem of humanity is to find happiness outside, the best way to get happiness is to find it within you. Instead of wasting time to achieve the moments of happiness, achieve the moment you have. Life is all about to live in the present .there are several ways to find happiness. First is to explore yourself. Without knowing the real matter of pleasure for you, the journey of being frustrated will remain. So, first of all, to dig out what gives you pleasure and serenity then do those things. Second thing is to remain contented what you have, follow the God’s plan .everyone has a destination designed by God; you are bound to follow that path, follow it with patience. Count the blessings you have. It’s a human nature to always draw comparisons, utilize this nature positively .whenever you feel unhappy in your life to bring a weighing balance in your imagination and then start to place the haves (blessings) in one side and haven’t (worries) on the other side, draw a comparison which one is heavy, definitely you will observe that God’s blessings are more than you haven’t.¬† Sufism is also one of the ways out to find happiness.

Basically, the philosophy of Sufism is to live in the moment. Most of the time we remain unhappy by thinking either past or future and never try to live in present. So, try to live in the moment. Motivational  quotes, documentaries and listening to motivational speakers are also good therapies to deal with the matter of unhappiness. Do recite some tasbihat to get the serenity for your worries. With all this we can conclude that to find happiness within, never search it outside.

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