Saman Arif


With an apology to all the parents, the purpose of highlighting this issue is neither to disrespect our parents nor I’m in any kind of superiority complex. Many conceal this issue because of several insecurities but there’s a serious need to take notice of this. Parents need to understand that in today’s age taking a sigh in peace is even more difficult than a few years back. As the technology is progressing life is getting worse than before. Every next person is suffering from mental health issues. Insomnia is so common these days. Many of our parents ignore the changing behavior of their child and term it as jawan khoon.

Let’s start with a very serious problem known as competition in our education system. Competition is good but our today’s parents have put it into another level. There’s a continuous pressure on a child to hold positions. Education doesn’t mean to top in the exam. It’s okay if you are scoring like an average child. But our parents don’t understand and many of the students undergo this pressure and couldn’t survive. I do not say I g every student face this. There are many more reasons for failures among children but this one is more common these days. Parents put stress in their child to score more than their relative’s child. And I think parents are at the wrong side in this term. And in case if one child at home scores more than the other siblings so rest of them will be taunted day and night and will be compared with the one. And this let down other siblings and kind of suppress them. And another most prominent issue in the education side is the selection of profession. Even living in 20’s our parents would still force their child to be a doctor or an engineer. Many of the dreams and talented people are crushed under this issue. One more apology to Muslim families. Parents from Muslim families will send their child in the coeducational system and then will expect them not to have any friend from the opposite gender nor have any contact with them. Where there are strict senseless rules, one is definitely going to break them. Islam doesn’t permit for even an eye contact with a na-mehram. But wait No! We have got so many excuses for this. And we want our child to study in a coeducational system as there’s a trend. Sending them in jahanum and expecting them to do as we desire isn’t possible by the way. And then comes unawareness of parents. We have got in a modernized era and so our houses where every member is allotted a separate room. Under the same roof what heck he’s going through, parents remain unaware. Parents are so busy with their own activities, gadgets that they haven’t got any time for their own child. Now parents can’t find out the pain hidden under the timely smile of their child. How many times under their supervision a child has gone through heartbreaks. One more big issue is forced marriages. They will force you to marry a person about whom you know nothing. Just to fulfil the promises they made with their relatives, friends. Parents show no sympathy too at all when it comes to their respect in biraadri. Either the child can sustain that relation or not.

The point is parents got no idea what it is like to be a teenager in 20’s. Time has changed why they don’t get it. They only want is positions. They force us to accept their choices from cloths to life partner and just like in every single thing. They see people of our generation as sex hungry, drug addicts, alcoholics and criminals. But here, I being the part of this dirty generation clarify you that most of us today aren’t homophobes, neither racists like the older generations. We are at least not going to value our own opinion over our own child. We will never raise homophobes. Our generation will never kill our child’s dream. We will never force our opinion on them. Because we have been through a lot. All of us. We know the feeling of being judged and it’s the worst feeling ever. We raised ourselves. We are survivors. We are healed. If we have 10 bad qualities we do have 1000 good.

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