Fashion Trends In Pakistan In 2018

Rafia Aqdas


Sometimes a question arises in our minds that what is fashion and how it changes and develops. Actually, fashion is whatever we visualize. It’s the inner feeling of every human being to represent himself in his own way. Fashion is commonly used in relation to clothes, shoes, accessories, and makeup etc. Fashion changes from season to season because of temper variations. It actually depends upon time, attitude, habits, behavior, interests and the regions. It also depends upon the location of a country, cultures, and even seasonal variations and behavior of the folks.

Every country has its own national dress which is worn by the countrymen along with the other dresses depending upon the occasion. National dress of Pakistan is shalwar kameez. Pakistanis love to wear it especially at national occasions like the day of Independence, cultural festivals, Eid, wedding functions etc. Some countries have sareez as national dress and some have western style dresses. Fashion is basically the amalgam of colours, ideas, interests, seasons, mood swings, hues, culture, concepts, believes etc. When a designer designs something he has to keep all the concepts in mind and then pile up his thoughts in the form of a beautiful dress according to the choice of the client. The dresses should be so attractive that it must make the client and other viewers happy and fresh up their mood.

If we have a look at the fashion trends in Pakistan then we see thousands of trends common in different areas of Pakistan. But the actual focus is on the trends of Punjab’s culture. Ladies have different dresses for different events like casual, formal, informal etc. even girls should have different dresses for college or university. We should think carefully before the selection of a dress. It must be according to the festival because too many heavy dresses can’t be worn in college functions. We should select a simple dress for this purpose. There are some new fashion trends in Pakistan in 2018;                                                             1. BOLD COLORS:                                                                                                               Dresses with bold and fresh colours look more attractive and help you to represent yourself in a better way. It enhances your personality and makes you more mesmerizing.  

 2.FLOWYGOWNS:                                                                                                               These are toe length or medium length dresses which make you look more elegant. Gowns with embroidery also look beautiful and are worn as formal dresses.                                                                                       

  1. MEDIUM LENGTH SHIRTS:  These shirts are more common these days. Most of the girls like to wear medium length shirts rather than short or long shirts. Medium lengths can be worn in any fashion era.
  1. SHORT FROKS: Frocks with upper knee length are worn by some girls to look younger and modern. These can be worn with jeans, trousers, shararas etc.

5.CIGARRETEPANTS/BELLBOTTOMS:                                                                            Straight pants with short or medium length shirts are worn. They make you look smarter. In the same way, bell bottoms can also be worn depending upon your interest.                                                                                         

6. Sareez:                                                                                                                             In some regions of Pakistan sareez are worn as a national dress and can be worn as formal or informal dress according to the stuff used. The blouse is worn with sareez.                                                                                                              

7.Kameezshalwar:                                                                                                             It is the national dress and can be worn as a formal or informal dress depending upon the stuff.                                                 

8. LEHANGAS:                                                                                                      Lehangas are worn at wedding functions. Girls wear colorful lehangas with short shirts. Brides also wear lehangas at wedding functions.                                                                

9.CAPE STYLE DRESSES:                                                                                             These are worn with jeans or bell bottoms.                                                                                                                     

10. JEANS SHIRTS:                                                                                                             Frocks made up of jeans can be worn by girls at colleges and universities as an informal dress.     

11.PEPLUMS:                                                                                                                     These are worn as formal dresses and make you look smart and elegant.                                                                                                          

12. HIJAB:                                                                                                                   Hijab is taken as a positive trend these days and it has a number of advantages. You don’t have to worry about your hairstyle, hair length, texture etc. It covers your head completely.                                                                                                     

13.SHORTSHIRTS:                                                                                                              Short shirts are worn with jeans in most of the large cities of Pakistan.                                                                                         

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