Factors That Effect Employee Motivation

Safa Marwa


In this modern world, employees have become a strong factor of any type of organization where the employee put their efforts to achieve organizational objectives. Whereas, the factors that affect employee’s motivation is becoming a set of organizational strategy. Motivation is a factor that helps the employees to continue job proficiently. Motivation and job satisfaction both are the most important matter in private and public sector. Job satisfaction is the people attitude and feelings towards the job that they perform. Pay promotion benefits work environment and relationship with coworkers are the elements of job satisfaction. One of the most important things to motivate employees their hard work should be recognized. If an employee continues his effort without any hurdles to produce exceptional results, he should be recognized.

The most important assets for the organization are motivated employees.


Following are factors that motivate employees for job satisfaction.


Salaries are the basic need of employees.


 Training helps the employee to learn specific knowledge or skill to improve performance.


Promotion is the only way that boosts employee motivation and their morale.


The organization can provide the different type of allowance to motivate employees

Job security

The organization can motivate employees by providing job security.

Coming model depends upon the relationship between dependent variable and independent variable


Dependent variable:    Job Satisfaction

Independent variable: Motivation

According to the theory of Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of need. He hypothesized a hierarchy of five needs.

1-Physicological: this includes the basic needs of employees for example hunger, thirst, shelter and sex.

2- Safety: this need covers security and protection from emotional and physical harm.

3-Social: this need comes under society. For example friendship, belongingness and acceptance.

4-Esteem: this types of need have two factors to motivate employees that are Internal and external. Internal factors such as self-respect and achievements and external factors such as status recognition and attention.

5- Self-actualization:  this need drives to become what we are capable of becoming that includes growth, achieving our potential.

According to this theory if managers want to motivate their employee’s manager should understand what level of the hierarchy that your employee is currently on and should try to satisfy their needs. If managers do this, the employee will motivate and this will improve their performance.

Douglas McGregor put forward two different views of human beings. One is negative that represent by theory X and the other positive that labelled theory Y.

Under theory X, the assumptions of managers that employees dislike work. They are lazy and they avoid taking responsibilities, under the theory Y. Managers assume employee like work. They are creative. They accept challenges and seek responsibilities. McGregor himself accept that theory Y assumptions were valid. Therefore, he suggests such ideas that maximize employee’s job motivation. He emphasizes that employees should be involved in decision making and should have good group relations that enhance their level of motivation.

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