Exploitative And Defective Criminal Justice System Leads To Female Criminality

Kiran Batool

Exploitive and Defective criminal justice system leads to Female Criminality

“I’ve always hated criminals and crime. Life is hard enough without someone walking into your life on purpose and making it worse”

(Pauley Perrette)

Crime is an illegal activity that is prohibited by the law. It is also called an offence. To perform illegal actions as stealing, assault, rape, and murder are crimes. To violate the law is also called a crime. Crime is a major issue in the whole world.Just male does not commit the different types as robbery, black-marketing, money laundering etc female are also involved in it.  Female is the precious stone of family but due to some intrinsic extrinsic factors female compel towards the criminality. Just poverty, gender discrimination, domestic violence are not the major factors that create the criminality among the female, defective and exploitive criminal judicial system also lead to female criminality. Lahore-Punjab Police explored that at least 4,000 female criminals involved in murder, kidnapping, and robbery. This report stated that these female offenders had murdered almost 200 people. They also kidnapped 1,635 persons, robbed more than 60 homes during 2011. The 29 cases of kidnapping for revenge and 15 cases of love affairs were registered. 50% of cases were unregistered due to the bad criminal justice system.

According to a Law dictionary, CJS is the network of courts and tribal which deals with the criminal law and enforcement. “It is the set of agencies and procedure recognized by the government to overcome criminality and impose fine on those people who violate the law”. It depends upon the jurisdiction, all countries have their own jurisdiction, and hence they have their own laws such as agency and managing procedure of the criminal justice system. Pakistan has an innate its legitimate code from the British Empire. The Code of Criminal Procedure (V of 1898) and the Penal Code (XL of 1860) both of which were put into operation in the colony are still followed by Pakistan as to handle the criminal cases. According to the National institution of correction (NIC), female criminality is higher due to lack of authentic policies in the criminal justice system at the state and local level.

Female offender populace has been ever-increasing due to defective managements such as in the criminal justice system, parole and probation officers do not give their proper attention on female offender due to which female easily commit more crime without hesitation (Warren, 2008). Crime ratio in Pakistan is increasing because the criminal justice system in this country is exploiting and defective. Criminal behaviour has been increasing due to their innocent nature. They use weapons such as guns, firearms and pepper sprays during committing a crime, while the criminal justice system does not take action about their violent acts. Consequently, it provides evidence that the poor criminal justice system is a violence motivator to enhance their criminal activities. Female staff members should be present during the raid so that female offender could not physically and mentally be tortured by the male staff because most female offenders remained mentally disturbed due to violent behaviour of police officers. Male staff should not treat harshly with the female offenders, and female officers should be with them so they can easily handle the horrible situations without the interference of male staff. Male police officers have right if a female criminal tries to escape, in that situation male staff have right to treat strictly with female offender but it is unethical to slap female offender.

Mostly Stakeholder just makes policy but they do not implement it properly so judges considered female robbery is the petty crime. According to the chivalry theory, authoritative people behave leniently with female robbers due to which their female criminal ratio is at a higher level.  Due to corrupt authoritative people, female serial criminals are in power and they stimulated toward furthers crime. A Single person is not responsible for the elevation of female crime. Corruption is supplementary; everyone wants to fill their pockets. No one is supportive to raise their hand against female crime. Female snaky nature also provoked them towards the crime because authoritative criminals do not give permission to verbalize against their blunder. The error is not simple, but committing the crime is simpler. Consequently, the Criminal justice system is responsible for female criminality. Historically, female criminality is ignored so female crime ratio is increasing day by day (Daly; 1989, Thomas; 2002,  Sheehan; 2007, Gelsthorpe;2007).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

2 thoughts on “Exploitative And Defective Criminal Justice System Leads To Female Criminality

  • October 15, 2018 at 1:14 pm

    Just poverty, gender discrimination, domestic violence are not the major factors that create the criminality among the female

  • October 15, 2018 at 5:02 pm

    Criminal behaviour has been increasing due to their innocent nature


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