Excess Use of Gadgets Among Children

Ayesha Zafar Ullah


“Excess use of everything is bad”. You can only eat so much, if you eat more than you require, it might result in food poisoning, or simply you may have the stomach ache. Likewise, the Excess use of phones or other technology gadgets is increasing every single second in the present world. When it is excessively, you might tire your eyes and even have severe eyes problems. 

    Our New Generation is right to be called “MULTIMEDIA GENERATION” as they all are crazy for gadgets a lot. Nowadays, teenagers are more into using gadgets than doing outdoor activities with friends and family. But the matter is very serious when it comes to the children. Nearly 900 children between six months and two years old, researchers found that those who spent more time using handheld devices were more likely to have delays in expressive speech, compared to children who didn’t use the devices as much. For every 30 minutes of screen time, there was a 49% increased risk of expressive speech delay. Your Child learns a lot before the age of 5, excess usage of gadgets may affect that time to interact with other humans. Therefore, affect their ability to learn properly. Even it may affect physiological growth and behavioral changes in children. It can harm overall mental health and can cause deep-seated psychological problems gradually.

      We can see six-month-old babies are now using tablets and smartphones. Intentionally they are using themselves but parents provide them to calm them. It can contribute to school trouble, attention deficits, obesity and cognitive impairments.  This is really a considerable issue attached with a future security of our young kids. We have been known to this fact that technology investors are raising their kids “Tech-Free” like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. Because they are known the adverse effects of the excess use of gadgets.

Many parents have experienced their children to behave weirdly when they are more into gadgets use. Have you ever experienced what aspects are these?

Every time a child throws tantrums when you get the phone he is using and to calm him down is to give it back.

Your child has the hard time focusing on study, you see that he takes more time necessary to finish his homework but teacher reports that he is unable to finish the exam on time because of distraction. He can finish at least 3 videos of his favorite cartoon without being distracted.

Your child is already two years old but only communicating through pointing or simply says the single word to get his attention like mama or papa etc. He also loves to watch the cartoon that have no dialogues

He had not adequate sleep and is not eating properly because he wants to have gadgets to make his interests. Etc.

The parents should control excessive use of gadgets to their children. For this parents should adopt right strategies by:

Limit screen time.

Encourage to play outdoors

Ensure to provide your child with adequate sleep

Ask them to take regular breaks and blinks when using any gadget

Ask them to maintain the right distance from the screen

Don’t let them use phones or tablets in the dark or sunlight

Use other options to distract like coloring books, reading stories or playing with toys.

Technology has its own benefits, for younger children, gadgets may positively help them to stimulate their sense and imaginations. Some may help them to promote listening ability and learning of sounds. In my opinion, it is not right to ban their gadgets but to use them in limits.

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