As I mention earlier many fitness components are present, so the basic reason to choose these ten is the Rebook Cross Fit Competition. In this competition winner get the title of “the fitness person of the world”. This encourages me to check the criteria of this competition and these 10 components are basic criteria of this competition. As people believe on strong reference so this help to understand the importance of these 10 components.

Essential Components of Fitness
Iqra Rehman
Iqra Rehman


Today we talk about fitness. First and main question, what is fitness like which person called a fit person? In response to this question a common man will give the example of Iron man, any marathon winner, any gymnastic or gym trainer etc. According to majority views fitness is only depend on strength as more strength more fit you are.  Only 10% people know that fitness is not only belong to strength instead there are some other components that also include in fitness. In this article we learn those components; here we discuss basic 10 components of fitness.

The 10 Components of Fitness are:

  • Cardiovascular

  • Stamina

  • Strength

  • Power

  • Agility

  • Speed

  • Flexibility

  • Balance

  • Coordination

  • Accuracy

For a common man strength and cardiovascular is whole sole of fitness but this is not true. If we talk about a complete fitness, then we must consider other points that play main role in fitness.


As I mention earlier many fitness components are present, so the basic reason to choose these ten is the Rebook Cross Fit Competition. In this competition winner get the title of “the fitness person of the world”. This encourages me to check the criteria of this competition and these 10 components are basic criteria of this competition. As people believe on strong reference so this help to understand the importance of these 10 components.


Oxygen is necessary for the proper function of body organs. And endurance means to determine the efficiency with which your body delivers oxygen to organs. Muscle is the main part that play vital role during exercise, as more muscle strength more you are fit. And the best example is marathon where all fitness components apply to win that race. Here muscle strength is most important.

Then question is how we train our self, so basic purpose of endurance is to pump more blood and supply more oxygen to the heart, for this you need to elevate your heart rate but within safe manner. And it is only done when done exercise periodically.  For this purpose, we mostly do cycling, jogging, walking and swimming.

Now how we check, that our hard work will be fruitful or not. We can check by measure oxygen consumption rate, Co2 production and measure air volume. At that moment only best method is VO2 MAX. Through this method we can measure our aerobic fitness level.



It is also called muscle endurance, because it is only connected with muscle strength. Basically in this we know what level of performance of our body is when stored energy breaks down.

Simple way to measure our stamina is when we you check how many repetitions of any exercise you can do without any break. There is another important point, that muscle endurance not only muscle specific but also movement specific. Like when you practice a specific exercise then you have got a lot of stamina for this specific movement but you do not have same capability for another exercise that you do just for one or two time. So make sure that in which movement you need to improve your stamina.

There are different ways to test your stamina, first of all as I mention earlier stamina increase in specific movement so you can check how much time you required to do this movement. On a general level there are some criteria that generally describe stamina of male and female like how many push-ups and sit-ups the participant could do in 2 minutes, and how long can they do a wall squat. If a male can do 35 full push-ups and a female can do 13, then that is an excellent level of muscular endurance. Similarly, for a wall squat, if a male can hold the position for 103 seconds and a female for 60 seconds, then their muscular endurance, or stamina, component of fitness score is pretty high. So through this way you can measure the stamina by yourself.



Strength, mostly people consider it as power. But it is different from power as muscle strength is the maximum force a muscle can produce in a single contraction. And it is also called one-rep max. Strength is most important component in fitness as it determines our body capability.

In strength case, some instructions are important as first of all this is not for beginners. In this mostly weight lifting is done. So any beginner it is not suitable as it causes injury. Most trainers start improving strength to beginners that not correct.  Next if you improve your strength by yourself then you can apply 5 by 5 workout routine.

There are many ways to check your strength but a simple and efficient way is to check your body weight to strength ratio. The concept is simple. Say 2 guys can, clean and jerk, 200 kg. However, one of them weighs 120kg, while the other weighs 75 kg. Who do you think is stronger? If you are able to perform 1 rep max of 1.5 times your body weight on the bench press, and 2 times your body weight on the dead lift and squat, then you’re looking at some good results.



It is basically speed of strength. As strength is maximum force that applied to lift weigh so power is the speed of strength that determines in which time you efficiently lift weigh without break. As mention in previous components some components are specific for specific condition so same rule apply for power. This is also sport-specific. And most important thing it takes time. Like this is not any step that you see do one, two or three time and you learn, no this is not like that. For this you need special trainer. This component can be measure through different exercises like, a standing squat jump, a push press or just how fast someone can sprint up a flight of stairs. But the simplest way is Squat Jump Test. To do the Squat Jump Test, simply stand in front of a wall with a pen or marker in your hand. Raise your hand above your head whilst keeping your feet firmly flat on the floor. Now mark the wall with the pen. Now get into the squat position and from there jump as high as you can, reach out with your hand and mark the wall. The distance between the one marks will give you a measurement of your power. You can take this one step further and try this test with one leg, to see if there is a significant difference in power in both legs.



It is the ability of body to get minimizes time to move from one exercise pattern to another exercise patter. Basically it determines how we able to do multiple exercise with in less time. Sometime practice a single exercise makes us perfect in single movement but we have lost our flexibility of body to do another task. More agility means more our body multitasked. And this is always getting by working on other exercise like a single one. This enhances your flexibility, coordination, balance and speed. Agility is also one of the most important component in perfect fitness criteria. Since all sports require good level of agility there are agility tests specific to NFL, Cricket Basketball, Football etc. There is even an agility test especially made for the elderly, known as the 8 foot up and go test. But the test typically used for the general public is the Illinois Agility Run.



It is the most important component in all fitness components. But it also the basic part of other fitness component. Speed simply a time limit in which you can perform and also the quick response against any move. The examples are, hand speed when throwing punches or the leg speed when sprinting. And the most important part of speed is that how long you can maintain the speed. So at the same time you have to increase and also maintain your speed. To get this goal there are many ways like, it is helpful to keep the rest periods in between sets to a minimum. Sprint drills, every minute on the minute (EMOM) drills etc. can help improve speed. Some of the benefits of martial arts also help in increasing movement speed. Speed also specific for a specific sport. So you have done measuring test according to sport.



Flexibility is one of the most important part of the fitness as for performing all components of fitness you need high flexibility. Especially when task done by a joint or group of joints so muscle contraction is not done during holding a joint stretch so good flexibility is essential.

So how can you maintain and improve your flexibility, the answer is simple as practice.

You can do a lot of moves that basically stretch your muscles consistently and you improve your flexibility day by day. Yoga is one the best method to enhance flexibility. Flexibility is also necessary because it prevents you from injury during workout and you can easily manage your natural posture for a long time. Training for good flexibility can prevent such joint-related issues. Its simple logic – better flexibility allows your limbs to move further or deeper into a stretch without causing injury. Good flexibility also ensures you are training in all 3 planes of motion, which is required for maintaining good overall physical fitness. One of the simplest would be the ‘sit and reach test’, where you just sit on the floor and try reaching your toes. The more flexible you are, the closer you will reach your toe.



For a common man balance and stamina is almost same thing but this is not true, both are different as balance is the second name of core strength and it depend on single thing like stamina but to maintain balance we need all our five senses strong. If we have a strong grip on our mind, then we maintain a good balance over a long time.  Balance not required only in sports but it is basic need of life. We need a good balance in performing all activities of life. And the secret of good balance is good strength.  Balance not only require in static action but also for dynamic activities. This is the main reason to use all senses to get good balance. Even simple exercises such as walking, running, climbing stairs etc. help to improve balance. Since core strength is essential, it is important to make sure you are working out that area as well. Additional activities such as yoga and martial arts also help improve balance.



Up till now we discuss many components of fitness, in all these we basically learn how we can perform any task properly by improving all these components. Now we move toward multitask situation. In this we basically need a component that is called coordination. If you don’t have good coordination, then you don’t do anything efficiently because in this era multitasking is basic need of life. As per the different types of movement, we can classify coordination as a fine or gross motor skill. Fine motor skills are required for simple and small movements such as taking a snooker shot. Gross motor skills are required for coordination of more complicated movements such as in martial arts. Coordination is one of those components of fitness that is primarily neurological. Coordination improves with practice and with having a good level of other components of fitness such as strength, balance, flexibility, etc. Training in sports or martial arts helps improve coordination. Again there is no specific test to measure coordination and it also depends on specific activity. Like for what sports or activity you need to enhance your coordination. Tests such as the ball toss only test for hand-eye coordination.



In simple language accuracy means perfection, Perfection to perform any activity. Above all mentioned components of fitness are the key point to perform any activity within a proper fitness manner. And last but not the least is accuracy that is the grip capability of your body to perform any exercise with in an accurate manner. Accuracy can be defined as the ability to control movement in a given direction or at a given intensity. Now the question is how we can do anything accurate, the answer mostly all we know is practice and good practice always depend on great determination. So through all these examples we can say that it is a thing that more of a neurological skill then a physical one. So it is only better when your brain learns and keeps practicing.

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