Eradication From Prison

Tamkeen Zaman


Prison is actually just not a word it’s a whole story, a story of your mind stuff, a complete package which turns your lives towards a horrible deadline, prison of desires, prison of standard division, prison of fears, prison of lies, prison of truths, prison of world even life is itself a prison and you can suspect and detect it’s symptoms in everything and everywhere like a nightmare. Various kinds of prison discussed above fades our happiness and give away towards tears and hear. Sometimes memories good or bad also becomes prison and they cause frustration like some epic scene or story and due to this prison we usually forget to make and meet us forever but it is impossible to meet us again sometimes you become addicted to this bad quality.

Eradication from prison appears and proves as a beam of light in dark and it must be congenital in every person it just brave your positive feelings toward lies and breaks all of your prisons and gives away from deadline prisons are not frustrating if they boost you some positive boundaries but if they become a stuff which leads you down then you have to break them immediately and that’s the only solution is eradication from them completely and forever.. sometimes the things which are holding you back is all in your head it’s become a black hole which is hollow from inner but has nothing inside and hashes you back in solitary moments and if strikes your soul like some cold unwanted breeze and your power overflow like some pure here and there.

If you can engage your self-according to your surroundings like some wrapped around something you can get eradication from prison easily, you can survive without desires, futile enforcement and interception. Frankly speaking, these prisons are nothing, they are just the whole stuff stuck like some outgrowth through your mind you can make door of ins and outs through them and you must not close yourself inside these prisons for longer period of time because these prisons are terrible and harmful when make a hole place inside your mind and never leave it later it becomes just like a regime you must scold it urgently then there will be greater chance that it will leave you eradication from these prisons are just nothing and not more than a transition element because to imply something is to suggest it without actually saying so according to dictionary p-preparatory, r-rivet, I-irksome, s-scooper, o-onerous, n-nutmeg

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