By: Muhammad Bilal Qadir






The Ryan Holiday started the book with the famous quote of American Physicist Richard Feynman “The First Principle is that you must not fool yourself-and you are the easiest person to fool yourself”. What is the relation of this quote with the title “Ego is the Enemy”. Simply the ego in yourself is the easiest way to make you fool yourself. How? I explain this with the example. It is the ego that make you fool “that no one can beat you”. The Ryan Holiday consider himself that he is not “egomaniac” but he declare ego as the worst enemy of human. In the introductory part he tell that this book about ego is not in the “Freudian” Sense.  In the present era or you can say the modern era, psychologists use the word “ Egotist” to refer who just focus on himself with no respect of anyone else. He also describe the definition of Ego in medical manner. A ghoulish faith in our own significance. Arrogance. Self-interested Ambition. That’s the definition this book will use mentioned by Ryan Holiday in the introductory part of this book.  He mentioned the quote of famous English Critic Cyril Connolly that “Ego sucks us down like the law of gravity”.  Ego rebuffs advantages and chances. It attracts the mistakes and problems in life. He mentioned Ego as a Scylla (water channel monster) and Charybdis (Sea Monster). The book is written on single optimistic assumption” Your Ego is not some power you are forced to satiate at every turn. It can be managed. It can be directed. He wrote at the end of introductory part that after the removal of ego man human realizes his/her actual face. Change Ego with humility. He present the solution of Ego in this book. This book will help us

  • Humble in our aspirations.
  • Gracious in our Success.
  • Resilient in our failures.

This is not to say that you are not exclusive and that you don’t have something wonderful to pay in your tiny time on this planet. This is not to say that there is not opportunity to push past creative boundaries, to invent, to feel motivated, or to aim for truly determined change and invention. On the contrary, in order to properly do these things and take these risks we need balance. As the Quaker William Penn observed “Buildings that lie so exposed to the weather need a good foundation.

Surely Ego has worked for some. Many of history’s most famous men and women were scandalously arrogant. But so were many of its utmost failures. Far more of them, in fact. But here we are with a philosophy that desires us to roll the dice. To make the gamble, ignoring the stakes.

The pioneering CEO Harold Geneen compared egoism to alcoholism. “The egoist does not stumble about, knocking things off his desk. He does not stammer or drool. No, instead, he becomes more and more arrogant, and some people, not knowing what is underneath such as attitude, mistake his arrogance for a sense of power and self-confidence”. You could say they start to mistake that about themselves too, not realizing the diseases they have contracted or that they are killing themselves with it.

In the next part we will look into the first step which he mentioned in the introductory part “Humble in our aspirations”.


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