Taiba Liaqat


Change in behavior is called education or more precisely positive change in behavior is called education.  “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” NELSON MANDELA.

We all know very well that education system is the most devastating system in Pakistan as compared to other projects. We need to focus on this department at every level to compete in this era. Everywhere there is a market of the educational institution which is a positive sign about our coming generation. But regretfully it’s only a sign and nothing more. There are huge buildings and very impressing garnishing products which beautifies education department just because of the private sector, it masks the facts and figures for a layman when he saw at a lot of institutions all over the roads. It beautifully indicates that “there is not a single home from where kids are not going to school’. In the morning there is traffic jam just because of school and college students that indicate the high interest of people in education.

Then who are they????

On the roads, in the workshops, on shops, driving push carts, porters, beggars…. & all. When life screams on the road, Allah listens in the sky. Miserable small kids violated every day by their owners and their kids with whom they need to play but alas… It can be controlled if not uprooted by individual-level efforts and dedication.  If we don’t have space for these needy children in our schools then we are failed as the owner of the prestigious institutes. Just own a single child for his school and then look at the speed of recovery of our sick departments.

Although Pakistan has plenty of problems somehow we have tons of versatile type of talent which is not advertised as negativity by our media personals. Pakistan has some unsung heroes who are appreciated internationally. Records show that whenever our students get chance to expose themselves they always rank at the top. Arfa Karim is one of the known examples who was youngest Microsoft certified professionals in the world. Sumail, Haroon, Saad, Awais Imran, Asma, Haris and many more. Our country has talent in every field. We only need best instructors, teachers and mentors who guide their students to their right field.

A teacher’s success is to make her students think, make them able to think about facts and flaws of everything. In our country, we think that we can teach children but that’s not a fact we can only make an in their mind and let them assess everything in their own way. That’s the way we can produce critic thinkers, inventors and scientists. Just once please try to trust them and guide them how to do and then let them do with their own choice amendments. In Pakistan, children are more intelligent and alluvial than many other developed countries, but just because of inadequate facilities and guideline they are conserved in a close circle and for rest of the life they just move around that circle then how can we expect scientists and inventors?

Literacy rate in Pakistan is very low despite increasing number of institutes it has declined to 58% from 60%. There are many reasons for it one of them is, lack of government’s interest in this department and allocation of low budget for education. In 2017-18 the budget for education is 902.7 billion. Other reasons include expansive private sector education and curriculum of government sector which is not innovative. In northern areas and other villages of Punjab and KPK, there are only a few institutes and some areas are so far from schools that they can’t access them. Gender disparity is another main factor in our country for low literacy rate in Pakistan.  In Azad Kashmir, the literacy rate is 74% and it is expected that it will become 85% in next few years. Ruling government taking valuable steps for education department and so far someone has given this department special attention. I implore the federal government to take steps for the betterment of this basic department for the prosperity of motherland.

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