Donald Trump Health Status Mentally ILL

Donald Trump Health Status Mentally ILL

 The news comes to hear that an American president, Donald Trump is externally and physically looking healthy, but unfortunately, mentally he is not well.

Yes, these are not my words, but it has been reported by the American writers, and doctors. Mr. Donald Trump behaves some time is like he has come out from the mental house. The TV news has reported when he was at the time of handshaking. He shows that he is in comatose mode.

Donald Trump an American president looks well-mannered and have a good personality, but he is mentally ill it had reported by the doctor as well as the writer. Before this news, many people claim that Mr. Trump is mental. Trump mind not working well so he has needs of rest. These words come to hear that Donald Trump does not eat his food without checking it repeatedly; he does not sleep until locking of his room door very well. From this news how can we say that the President of US is mentally ill, while this sort of activities does every president of the country do? They all check their food and doors before sleeping and eating, yes its true no one President of the country has a peaceful lifestyle and rest, they often fear death,

Then how can we claim that Donald Trump is the only man who is mental, ill from this activity, or can we have the medical report of Donald Trump, that proves that he is ill. I think no any countryman possess the trump medical report that proves it all.

I have read out on Twitter the tweet of Donald Trump before his presidential period of time, wherein he tweeted to the Obama that Obama is psychological patient. I think one psycho couldn’t utter the word of mental to another. It means we are all of a psychologist patient. If we are not then how can we say to the Donald Trump, that, he is mental?

Let’s come to see how many, people are asking about trump mentality. This has been reported that Mr, Donald Trump, has dangerous, mental, illness, say psychiatry experts at Yale conference.

Mental health authorities say the president is suspicious and delusional.

Donald Trump has a hazardous mental illness” and is not able to lead the US, a group of psychiatrist has cautioned throughout the conference at Yale University.

Mental health experts claimed the president was paranoid and delusional and said it was their ethical responsibility to warn the American public about the dangers”.

James Gilligan, a psychiatrist, and professor at New York University told the conference he had worked some of the most dangerous people in society, including murderers and rapists, but that he was convinced by the dangerous of Mr. Donald Trump.

You don’t have to be a skilled on the seriousness or spend fifty years studying it like that he had in order to know how unsafe this man.

In 2006, Donald Trump prepared policies to purchase the Menie Estate, near Aberdeen, Scotland, directing to change the hills and parkland into a superfluity golf resort. The landowner name Tom Griffin and Donald Trump sat down to dialogue the contract at the Cock & Bull restaurant. Griffin Claimed that trump is very hard in his stance and he doesn’t even want to change his mind on a single point.  D. Antonio writes in his recent biography of Trump, Never Enough, Griffin’s most bright memory of the evening relates to the theatrics.


“It was Donald Trump playing Donald Trump,” Griffin observed. There was something imaginary about it.

Psychoanalysts Discussion Considering in on Trump’s Mental Health.

Recently meeting and signs of discussion on Donald trump mental health issue. On Tuesday 35 U.S. sociologists, psychiatrists, and social workers signed a letter to the editor of the New York Times to aware and warn about Donald trump mental health.


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