Ghazala Iqbal


According to the survey of 2016, the employment rate is 5.9% in Pakistan. Why a large proportion of our young generation is unemployed? Is there any reason that they don’t have expertise in their study programme? I am not saying that every young graduate is not competent but many of them fall into this category. But on the other hand, there are neither motivational opportunities to learn nor I would say any desire to learn. Most of the students know only what they have been taught in the classroom according to the specified and limited syllabus.

Students must know the purpose of getting the education. Before they enter into college they must have the motivation and desire to learn. Different sources should be used to create passion in the students for learning.  In our neighboring country, there are so many educational television channels which are providing facilities to learn without any cost. They have started many projects like Secondary School Television project (1961), Higher Education Television project (1984), Telecast with print support, Teletext and many other projects. A big example of Indian educational channel is D-D Gyan Darshan that set up by National telecaster Doordarshan and Indra Gandhi Open University. This channel is airing programmes for schools teacher enrichment education, open and distance learning, vocational courses for disadvantaged students of India. Another example is of a programme named “Science of Stupid” aired by National Geographic channel in seven countries including India. It’s a series to reveal Physics, Chemistry and Biology at play behind misguided adventures daring feasts. In this show, the science of action is described in several different daily routine activities like sports, stunts, adventures and things that should not be done at home. Students are learning science in an enjoyable manner.

As compared to India how many educational television programmes are being transmitted in our country, not a single educational channel we have. Although we have many web educational channels what about the students who live in areas where the internet is not available. There are more than one hundred t.v channels but not a single is airing any educational programme to teach students something new and creative. Student minds are not developing to create and learn something new. They are just learning how to cram the data which is given in the books so they can be able to put that data on question paper as it is and can get highest marks. Now education is not to get knowledge it’s just has become a path that can lead students to a good white-collar job.

Isn’t this thought so terrible? Isn’t this thinking making children minds limited and rigid? Students are not thinking about creating jobs but they are struggling to get a job from others. According to me, there is a great need to develop a desire to know, to learn. In the current scenario, students are going to school just to obtain high grades. But they don’t have the ambition to do something different. Students must have the craving to know and explore new things. They must know who they are? What they can do? Then they will become self-confident and can be eligible to create jobs instead of struggling for the 9 to 5 job.

This is difficult but not impossible to change the mindset of the students. From the first day of learning, students must be trained to get knowledge eagerly. For this, not only teachers but the whole system, society, parents, print and digital media should play a vital role.

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