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By Faiqa Afzal


Depression is a serious disorder or disease or illness, in which a person becomes sad, his feelings, thinking and reacting to life matters are badly affected. The patient of depression is affected mentally and he lost his interest in all those activities once enjoyed earlier. In depression a person becomes physically weak and emotionally stressed.


Symptoms of depression may be not too severe or may be severe. These are symptoms of depression:

  1. Patient is sad and having depressed mood all the time
  2. Patient lost his interest in all those activities once he enjoyed a lot
  3. Patient lost his weight rapidly
  4. Loss of appetite
  5. Changes occur in his sleeping timetable it means that either patient sleeps too much or not even a minute.
  6. Feeling of restlessness
  7. Feeling of hopelessness and helplessness
  8. Loss of confidence in his personality as noticed by other people
  9. He feels difficulty in decision making in his life
  10. Loss of concentration
  11. Fear to take any responsibility
  12. He feels that he is not important for anyone
  13. Patient does more smoking or drinking than normal routine.
  14. Un-explained pains in the body.
  15. A person harms himself, self –harming.
  16. Patient thinks to kill himself and even tried (many people lost their hopes and finish their lives).
  17. If it persist for long time then it is responsible to cause many diseases in humans like vitamin deficiency, brain tumor, brain hemorrhage, stomach imbalance and thyroid problems.
  18. Children with depression are not become sad but showing irritation, agitation and anger. It will cause stomach pain, headaches and physical pains in children.

If all these symptoms persist above two weeks then definitely a person has depression. Every year 15 adults are affected by the depression. Every sixth person is a patient of depression in the world. It is reported that women are more affected than men. Depression mostly prevails in the late teenage. Children in teenage more than 18 years old have more depression because they badly affected by the behavior of society with them. They lost their confidence as they treated with negligence. In this way we are destroying their personalities.

Depression Is Killing The World 1

 Emotional changes:

Patient of depression becomes emotionally upset that may prove harmful for him. The emotional changes that shows by a depressed person are:

  2. Depressed person lacks of confidence in personality.
  3. Cries a lot.
  4. Feels helpless
  5. Feels relief by harming himself.
  6. Lacks of self-esteem.
  7. Likes loneliness and don’t enjoy the company of family and friends.
  8. Feeling guilt.
  9. Becomes more impatient.
  10. Feels irritation.
  11. Remembers the tragedy again and again.
  12. Don’t like to talk to people.

Depression is affected by factors:

There are some factors that affect the occurrence of depression in a person which are:

  1. Depression runs through genetics in some families. It means that the members of that type of family definitively have depression in any period of their life time.
  2. Low level or absence of self-esteem in a person will cause depression surely. Because such people have lack of confidence and consider themselves un-important for society.
  3. Environment also responsible to cause depression like if a person face violence, negligence and poverty after his birth then he becomes a patient of depression very soon.
  4. Long time illness cause depression.
  5. Un-employment also put a person in depression.

Negative thinking:

Negative thinking is the one serious factor that cause of depression. When a person think one thing more and more then he will be depressed. Negative thinking is that a person always thinks negative aspects of everything, remains hopeless, blames himself for everything and don’t think about even one positive factor. We are well aware of thinking is going on in our mind and we can control somewhat but not all because many functions of the brain is not in our control.


Is depression or grief are same:

 Depression and grief is not the same but these are considered in same category due to some similar symptoms. Grief is a natural response to the lost in life, in grief a person is feeling sadness but it is not for long time. While in depression a person showing different symptoms like sadness more than 2 weeks then it is declared that he is depressed. In grief a person does not loss his self-esteem but in depression a person feels that he has lost his worth and he is important no more now. When a person lost his beloved ones, lost his job or ending of a relationship then he becomes sad and it is a natural process that heals up after some time. A depression is different from grief but grief can be changed into depression when a person cannot adjust himself in situation. Loss is a definitely a loss and no one replace your beloved ones but it does not mean that you not even try to cope with situation of your life.

Result of Depression:

Many people die with brain attack and many do suicide due to depression in every day in the whole world. In the world every 6th person has depression. Among women every 8th women is the patient of depression. Russia is among top three countries where there are more suicides due to depression. In Russia among 100,000 people 6 male and 44 females suicide every year due to depression (reported in 2016). People do suicide due to depression when they realized that they are fed up from their lives or things are not going on as they wish.

Suicides rate due to depression in Pakistan has increased. Recently in 2018 there are 1338 people have done suicides due to depression (the main reasons are politics issues, lack of peace and due to absence of necessities of life). In 1338 suicides there are 786 males and 552 females who suicide in 2018 because of depression.  

Test for depression:

Hamilton depression rating scale is one the most popular test for depression. There are 21 questions that are scoring and its scores tell us about the severity of patient. 



Depression is a disease that can be treated. 80-90% patients of depression can be treated and are treating. All those patients who are treating to get rid of depression, successfully treated and they get relief from the symptoms of depression. Before treatment there is a proper check up physically and mentally. Some time blood tests are carried out to examine the situation of brain that biochemistry is changed due to depression. A professional take notice of patient’s symptoms, his medical reports, his family history or background, his cultural values, genetics report of his family, recently occur tragedy in his life and environment factors to treat his patient.

Methods of treatment:

There are different methods to treat the depression for example psychotherapy, CBT and ECT. In psychotherapy the patient is treated with talk therapy even he has mild, moderated and severe depression. In this therapy patient is only involved. Some other therapies may involve couple therapy (close related person is involved) and group therapy (a group of people is involved that has same illness). CBT is abbreviated as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. In this therapy psychiatrist helps the patient to change his distorted thinking and behavior. During this therapy psychiatrist primarily focuses on the present problems of the patient and tries to resolve them. It is an efficient therapy.

ECT is abbreviated as Electroconvulsive therapy. In this therapy those patients are treated who do not response to other therapies and have severe depression. Electrical stimulation is given to the patient of depression under anesthesia for the treatment. This method is in use after 1940s. A team consisting of a psychiatrist, a nurse and an anesthesiologist is giving these electrical shocks to the patient.


Medicines are given to the patient of depression in form of antidepressants. These medicines have no side effect on human health and it gives relief to the patient by use of these medicines in first one or two weeks. One other benefit is that by using these antidepressants patient does not become addictive of these medicines. If a patient is not feeling relief or having some side effects from these medicines then he must consult with his psychiatrist so that he takes your re-examination and change your medicines. Sometimes by altering the medicines the patient gets relief. After the use of medicines for two weeks the patient feels relief but psychiatrist prescribes to use these medicines for 6 months or more so that attack of depression in future can be minimized.



A depression patient should help himself to get rid of depression. If he does exercise daily, avoids depressants (alcohol), takes proper balance food and takes quality sleep then definitely most of the symptoms of depression will vanish. If you notice symptoms of depression in yourself then in no time you should consult to your family psychiatrist. Do not put yourself in a risk and live for yourself. There are certain things that can help to overcome on depression which are:

  1. Avoid from over-thinking.
  2. Realize that you cannot change future.
  3. You are not responsible for the past.
  4. Do not wait that things become perfect one day.
  5. Overcome on your fears.
  6. Don’t lose your hopes because life is the name of sorrows along with happiness.
  7. Never feel yourself helpless, GOD has created every person with potential and abilities.
  8. Make yourself busy according to productive schedule.
  9. Avoid too much smoking and drinking.
  10. Don’t harm yourself, you are the first and only person who can care and love yourself more than anyone.
  11. Put yourself in happiness, humans create situations not situations create humans. Don’t wait for big events to be happy, many other things like nature will make you happy.
  12. Do painting, writing, reading books and many other such activities.
  13. Makes a contact with your creator, GOD, it will satisfy you. GOD loves you more than 70 mothers.
  14. Aware of situations.
  15. Don’t think about those people who have everything because you don’t imagine that what is going wrong with their life even but think about those who have minimum resources.
  16. Always remain satisfied with your life and don’t compare with anyone.

How you can help a patient of depression:

If you observe a patient of depression then you must help such person. You should talk to depressed person in a very polite way so he does not feel that you are hitting his self-esteem. Put yourself together and don’t leave him alone. When the patient makes any decision then be with him in every situation and don’t blame him on wrong decision making. Encourages the person to talk freely and you should just listen him so that he feels comfort and can describe his problems with you. Makes realize to the person that he is not an un-important person while he is as important as the other people for society. You should show the positive aspects of life to the person so that he does not feel hopeless. Put the person in healthy activities like any sport, painting and sketching, writing and reading books. Don’t let them cry for long time and becomes source of happiness for them. When he trusts you enough then takes him to psychiatrist for proper examination and treatment.   

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