Dark Edges

Tamkeen Zaman


If I talk about the darkness of lives either of yours or mine, I am sure to the endpoint that it will never be a short story because it couldn’t be possible as, because darkness and darks are the part of everything and everyone life and they shall be remain there until the end day of this earth because it is said that before the existence of man on earth, happiness and darkness were two main living individuals on earth and they were living there in an unorganized, inorganic, and arrogant manner and later when man comes to this earth they also poured their impacts on him intolerantly and irresistibly so we can say that man is such an irascible creature ever and isolation from darkness is impossible for him because they have become the part of every picture and every picture has two sides and darkness is one of the sides of them..

Dark edges is the end of this side of the picture, in other words, you can say the “end of darkness” or just the “starter of darkness “whenever we listen to the word “dark” a very horrible, itching, fearful envisages come through our minds and just at the same time a missile hits our ideas, plans and even us, however it’s not much dangerous to a great extent as we take let’s take a  story “you are moving on a road, a way towards church or mosque, to attend a banquet it’s about 1 am, the middle of night, you have about $100 amount in your pocket, here you suddenly saw a bunch of thieves, quite far away, you start running away from them and mosque and towards home but later you realize that it was a bunch of dates hanging on a tree, than you shall feel ashamed of yourself, because a bunch of dates had become a barrier between your banquet and that shall be very funny and itching too. isdodododododon’t it?”

Similarly our fears become our imagination and later we called and named them as dark edges if we learn to face and eradicate fears from our imagination and mind we can become successful to a greater extent because where there shall be some fear there will be no success I  you hear some fidelity of darks ,you must botch them immediately and never both her yourself due to them .never let people and difficulties to be bossy because these two factors are the great causes of the stimulation of dark edges and it’s just a borderline. these factors will coerce you, at each and single step of life, but never be afraid of them, then it will be very difficult to come out of it, if you had to avoid, that would be laudable, moreover your determination to face the dark edges of life will help you to come out of them and that’s very I’m I can write D-defer, A-accede, R-raffle, K-knock..

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