Create Yourself

Jaweria Ashraf


You were given the power to “CREATE YOURSELF”

To conquer the World of your dreams you have to create a person inside you who can make you fearless of the obstacles and confident to face the challenges, put all the panic and anxiety under the ground and chase your dreams to make them true…Remember that to conquer the World, first, you have to Conquer Yourself.

But here the question arises that how can you muster up your courage to do?? Yes, for this, you need a strong motivation…and often, to get that motivation, you go to motivational seminars, consult counsellors and advisors and so on. But you don’t see inside you where actually the MOTIVATION is. You can your motivation from nowhere until it arises from inside you.

Life is not about finding yourself; it’s all about Creating Yourself. So don’t just “EXPLORE yourself”, don’t find your abilities and disabilities, and don’t judge your stamina. Just believe in yourself and MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Sometimes judging your abilities and estimating your level of confidence and courage makes you to lose your hope and rely on opportunities. Then why do you take that way? Just make a decision that you have to make your own way towards your goals. You have to make your dreams come true. And trust me, at that extreme moment there is nobody who can stop you to fly in the sky of success…You’ll become UNSTOPPABLE!

Your self-worth is determined by you,

You don’t have to depend on someone telling who you are.

In all these circumstances, “Trust in GOD” is very important. That’s the light which illuminates your soul and mind with the very spirit to do something. He is with those who want to win the battles. If you want something desperately and also working hard for it, He will push you towards your destination. So never lose your faith in Him. He is the only hope when there is no hope. He is the only Power which can help you in creating yourselves into a better being. So just believe in Him and believe that you can and you will. This POWER OF BELIEF will help you to “CREATE” a person inside you who’ll be the HERO of your story and then SUCCESS will be at your door.

In the end;

You have to be your own Hero.

Be like the Sun which makes the darkness to go. Be like a spark which ignites the strings of despair. Be like a cloud that showers the water of mercy. BE LIKE YOU who can change all the misfortunes into good fortunes. Never fade your SPARKLE just due to some discouraging comments. Continue to shine bright …as the whole universe is yours!

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