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The soil of Pakistan has been watered from the blood of these martyrs since independence. Sacrifices made by our brave soldiers in every battlefield are the reasons of our freedom. From 1948 Kashmir war to 1965 war Pakistan Army remained the custodian of our freedom. In Siachen and Kargil war Pakistan army fought courageously. Pakistan is also among the major troops’ contributor to UN peacekeeping missions.

Day by day the number of martyred in Pakistan is increasing. One more story added to the long history of sacrifices made by Pakistan in the war against terrorism. The first night of Ramadan in Pakistan. When we were sleeping in our comfortable beds there were some devoted soldiers of motherland who were fighting for our peace. The intelligence-based operation was conducted in Killi Almas area of Balochistan in which a brave army officer, Colonel Sohail Abid embraced martyrdom. Three terrorists were killed in this operation including the provincial chief of Lashkar e Jhangvi, Salman Badini, and two would-be suicide bombers. According to Inter Services Press Release, one militant also came into custody and two suicide bombers who were killed belonged to Afghanistan. Colonel Sohail got martyred in the exchange of heavy gunfire and four soldiers injured.

Colonel Sohail was leading this operation on the front line. It is the distinction of Pakistan Army that its officers not merely give instructions to their soldiers but also lead them in the battlefield. Officers’ casualty ratio in Pakistan is highest from all other armies. This is also one courageous example of the bravery of officer where a colonel was leading an intelligence-based operation. Colonel Sohail Abid Shaheed had also served in UN peacekeeping missions. Pakistan Army has achieved its targets and countered the threats towards our country in this long war against terrorism. It has made a lot of sacrifices for bringing peace in tribal areas of Pakistan. Mountains of North and South Waziristan are the witness of courage and bravery of our soldiers. Pakistan Army cleared this area from all hew and crew of terrorism despite NDS and RAW support to these terrorist organizations.

Terrorists who were killed in operation were involved in the carnage of 100 innocent people of Hazara community. A few months ago Hazara community was protesting for their rights and security. It is also a sign that Pakistan security institutes are not totally unaware of their sentiments. Pakistan army is taking revenge of all innocent lives from terrorists and is sacrificing hard for protection of lives of its people.

Colonel Sohail lost his life, Major Ishaq also sacrificed his life in homeland a few months ago in DIK, many Captains and Lieutenants have also embraced Shahadat while fighting the curse of terrorism. The number of these sacrifices is too high to be mentioned here. It shows that Pakistan is committed towards eradication of terrorism. It is also a counterblast for those who are spreading the wrong narrative that there are safe havens of terrorists in Pakistan and raising the slogans ‘’yeh jo dehshatgardi hy iss k pechy wardi hy” i.e Pakistan army is the cause of terrorism. While in reality, Pakistan army is continuously giving the sacrifice of its officers to uproot terrorism. Instead of blaming Pakistan, International Community should also acknowledge these sacrifices of Pakistani nation.


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