Coke Studio Performance In 2018

Musawira Shahreen


Last year coke studio marked a different status in the world of music. Last year many categories were enlisted and with no differentiation. An impactful start from “Hum Daikhein ge” performed by every artist taking part in coke studio highlighted it before time. No one was aware that such talented producers will have such productions. Much new refinement and polishing of songs. It was composed of nine super hit episodes. So starting the coke studio 11.

It is the trend of Coke studio to take a start from Sufi Kalam or religious entity. This time a very heart touching lines of Shikwa, Jawab Shikwa were taken. And was played beautifully by Natasha Baig and Farid brothers. Allama Iqbal and other poet’s lines were taken and beautifully composed. Then coming toward “Baalkada”. This time transgender were also given the opportunity to nominate themselves. And Lucky sang this traditional song with co-signers. Next, to it, a new category was placed to give space to Rap society and “Rap ha Sara” was sung by young desi with a team which got a gorgeous place in the music industry. Ending episode one on “Ma Irada” which depicted the women power.


Episode two marked its beautiful place and a new thing was inaugurated, the remix of English song with a traditional one. And it put beautifully in Runaway sung by two sisters. Moving on to Sufi kalam: Gaddiye has sung by Attaulah a beautiful aspect of today’s society. Gul Punara also highlighted herself in “Rasha Mama”. And ending it amazingly by the best one of Abida Parveen and Ali Azmat “Ghoom Charkha” a best Sufi Kalam.

Moving on with the best of the band of Balochistan: Kumarian played in their traditional way, “Ya Qurbaan” with their sweet instruments. And at last, their traditional dance was performed. The most famous play by Aima Baig and Sahir Ali Bhagga “Malang” made the audience super excited. Shuja Haider also contributed and played the best ones “Habibi” and one with Super-girl Aima Baig ” Aatish”. The most contribution was also of back vocalists and instrument players. , the drummer, keyboardist, guitarist and many more made coke studio influencing. Ending it on episode nine a song with no lyrics was played by Mughal e Fun, “Aurangzeb” in which the historical background of emperors was shown. And it was decently ended on the lustrous song “Ko-ko Korina” by Momina Mustehsan and Ahad Mir.  So this was the gorgeous combination of wedding songs, sad songs, Sufi Kalam, pop songs and yes the traditional songs directed in the finest manner.

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