China Pakistan Economic Corridor CPEC is Fate Changer For Pakistan as well as Region

Kainat Chaudhry

China Pakistan Economic Corridor CPEC is Fate Changer For Pakistan as well as Region

In this age of advancement and development, China Pakistan economic corridor is a symbol of prosperity and fertility for the land of pure as well as south Asia. It is a multi-faceted project. So, in the light of this, an epoch-making development: project is going to uplift China Pakistan friendship and their economic cooperation in new shades.

In Pakistan’s scenario, projects are under agriculture, energy, infrastructure, industrial sector, transportation network and in Fields of technology respectively. In fact, agriculture is the backbone of Pakistan’s agriculture sector. This mega project is introducing agricultural-technology, cooperative farming, agro-chemicals, pesticides and seeds as well as fertilizers research. Projects are being done for the development and progress of the agricultural sector at private and public level. Likewise, in the energy sector, early harvest scheme of 10,000 megawatts added to the national grid. Moreover, hydel, solar, wind and coal projects are part of this flagship plan.

If we peep in the infrastructural sight of CPEC there is the revival of silk road through silk route, development of Gwadar deep sea port and three eastern, Western and central routes. 

In industrial and technology sector, 26 economic zones are under CPEC, 8 in Baluchistan, 7 in Punjab, 7 in KPK, 3 in Sindh and in GB Fiber optics from Kashgar to Islamabad in technology sector respectively. All these developments are the good omen for Pakistan.

In the regional case, CPEC will prove a fate changer for the region. There is the new economic shift from west to east, new alliances in Asia as well as Shanghai cooperation organization strength china, Russia and Pakistan go hand in hand to curb out terrorism, poverty, and western influence. All these are stood up for Afghanistan’s peace, there will be a way to moderate India and Pakistan’s hatred at shanghai cooperation organization platform in near future.  In the current scenario, both are permanent members of the Shanghai cooperation organization. Countries like Iran Turkey are interested in CPEC.  Resultantly, all these factors are proof of prosperous South Asian region in coming to future Insha Allah.

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