Ayesha Pervaiz

Children Are Meant To Learn Not To Earn

A few days ago, I met some children outside the university who are begging on the roads and polishing the shoes in very poor condition. Their ages were about 10-12 years. They asked different persons for polishing the shoes and begging. When I saw those children, I asked them that why are they doing this? First, they didn’t tell me anything, but when I insisted on them, they told me that no one can earn money for us who can fulfil our necessities. That’s why we are bound to do this work. We want to study but we cannot because no one is ready to bear our expenses of studies. Because they had no money to learn about education. Our father is taking drugs and not able to do any work. Our mother is a maid in someone’s house. She works the whole day at their house and gets some money at the end of the month. Our father snatches all the money which she earned. We are living in poverty, but no one is noticed. No one is helping us. We also want to spend our lives like other people. They said to me that why are you asking these questions? Because people come, ask us about our condition and go but no one took notice. And then those kids are gone.

When they are going, I thought that children are the pillars of the nation and they can create a better future for the country. Then why this injustice in our country with these children? What is the fault of these children who cannot enjoy their childhood due to poverty and take the responsibility of their houses in their early ages? However, they deserve to enjoy their childhood. Their fault is that they born in Pakistan where no one is ready to change their condition. No one is ready to do anything for their welfare. Most of the poor children get involved in illegal activities due to poverty. This will increase in the crime rate in Pakistan.

29.5% population living below the poverty line in Pakistan.

This level of poverty exists in our country where rich has become more richer and poor has become poorer. One the one hand, people are living their luxurious lives while on the other hand people are struggling with their necessities even they cannot afford their one-time food, clothes, etc. The gap between poor and rich is increasing day by day. But institutions of Pakistan don’t do anything for the welfare of poor people.

Many social workers run their organization for the sake of show-off and not for the humanity. They just concentrate on raising their funds but do not spend those funds for the betterment of these people. According to my view, this is the fault of our government’s wrong policies, inequality of rights, discrimination between poor and rich. All rights are for the rich people and nothing for the poor people. Another reason is illiteracy and irresponsibility of parents who do not take the responsibility of their children and leave them to spend a miserable life. As a result, in their whole life, these children struggle to change their life but fail to do so because no one in our country can support these children, who can work for their education. We people should pay less our expenditure and spend more on those children so that they can earn a respectable status in society. Might be we forget that this world is mortal nothing will remain forever. And we have to present before Allah. These poor people have a right to us, and we will be questioned about human rights on the Day of Judgment. But we people are too busy in this world, and we do not care about human rights. We have no fear of Allah and the Day of Judgment.

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