Child Sexual Harassment: Stats Laws And Recomendations

Child Sexual Harassment: Stats Laws and Recomendations

The problem of sexual harassment of children is not only related to a specific country, region and religion etc. It is the problem of World. It is related to humanity. Statistics show that this is the worldwide problem. If we look at our neighbour, according to Indian Ministry of women and child development, two hundred fifty thousand children were missing during the 2012-2017 and most of the cases are related to Child sexual harassment. This report was published in New York Times on 19th November 2017. According to Chinese news website, Xinhua, a female teacher was arrested on the allegations of child sexual abuse in Capital of China Beijing on 25th November 2017. Due to the investigation, various teachers have suspended already in the school. According to 2015 Child Maltreatment Report USA, almost 4 million cases of child harassment were received till from 2011 to 2015. According to the report, 17.2% percent of children physically harass and 8.2 percent children were sexually harassed of the total cases reported. This report also shows that on average five children daily loss their life’s due to child abuse. A report was published in British Newspaper “The Guardian” made by Australian Royal Commission on 25th December 2017. The report was regarding sexual child harassment. In the report it was clearly stated that average age of sexually abusing a child is 10. 35% of them were abused in private child institution named as “Home care” which were made for the care of children. The children of UK are also not safe from sexual harassment. Their national office for statistic publishes a report in April 2017 regarding child sexual harassment. According to this report, 4944 female children were raped in 2016. Their age was under 13. Similarly, 2319 male child was raped in 2016. The above data show that this is not a problem of individual country or region. This is a worldwide problem and world should tackle this problem by making international laws. In Pakistan, a private organization “Sahil” Claim that on a daily average, 11 cases of child abuse were reported. This is now very critical condition. Now we will discuss what world is doing for the protection of Innocent Zainab. For World, every child should be like Zainab. The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) is a global agreement that lawfully forces states to guard children’s privileges. Its article no 34 and 35 forces the nations to guard children against all form sexual harassment. This contains criminalization of the force of a child to make voluptuous activity, the whoring of children, and the use of children in producing pornography. Countries are moreover compulsory to protect the children from the kidnapping, trading, or marketing of children. 195 countries have confirmed the Resolution, counting each participant of the United Nations excluding the United States and South Sudan in December 2014. India has the law against children sexual harassment which was approved by the Indian Parliament in May 2012 but it came into power on 14th November 2012. Pakistani Senate had approved the law against child sexual harassment in last year May 2016. Now the Child Pornography is also included in the law. According to this law, the person who is involved in this shameful deed of child pornography will be imprisoned for seven years and also fine of seven lac. On June 30, 2008, Zambia High Court award a girl with 45 million for bringing the person in court who was guilty of child sexual harassment. In UK law against sexual harassment of children is included in sexual offences of act 2003. This law contains penalties for the guilty person of child sexual harassment.  In Yemen, there is no law exist regarding child abuse. Even they have no record of child abuse. Well, almost all countries except three to five countries have no law regarding child abuse. The Question arises here if the law exists then why the cases of child sexual harassment increasing day by day? Why the world is not united against child sexual harassment and child pornography. Why they not corporate with each other to protect our children from this shameful deed. If the law exists but it is not implementing then what are the reasons for it? The major reason at international level is lack of corporation between countries and lack of hardcore laws. The producers of child pornography are not a group of the local level. Their network is at international level. So there should be a corporation between countries to demolish this network. Another main thing pornography is an international industry where porn movies are produced. The reason for the expansion of the network is the attraction of money. So first countries should corporate with each other to cut off their income sources. Second, there should be hardcore laws at the international level to punish this gang or group or the people who are running this network. Yes, this cannot be done in one day. This will take time and we have to hope for the best. This is not the problem of western and Asians. This is the problem of thinking. We have to educate our children especially boys that they have to respect the girls. They are not just fucking materials. They are humans and creature of God. So as a human we have to respect other humans. I think there is no need of sexual education at Institutions. The change of thinking comes when parents guide their children in a right manner. In Pakistan, where this problem is increasing day by day. First parents have to take step for their children. They have to encourage and motivate their children and also confidence to their children. They have to monitor the children daily. Secondly political parties of Pakistan or the class which is ruling Pakistan and this issue is never agenda for them have to make strict policies against this international network and child abusers. We all hope for the best and we all hope that our children like Zainab will be protected from child abusers.

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