Children are the building blocks of future. Able and energetic pool of young blood can only be harvested, if we focus on the health of child population. Child mortality is a worldwide issue. 6 million children each year die before their 5th birthday. United Nations put focus on it by adding it as one of the goal in the millennium development goals.  Unfortunately Pakistan comes to those countries that have poor index and indicators towards child health. The mortality rate is 79 child per 1000 child in a year. 40% of children under age five to nine have stunted growth and malnourished. It’s commonly said that those who care about their present can have a secure future. If we want a healthy and energetic nation we have to care about our children.

There are several reasons behind such dismal statistics about child health. Some are poverty, lack of health awareness, illiteracy and the absence of political will and dearth to implement the established policies .poverty is the fundamental reason behind proliferating the issue of child mortality, all other factors like illiteracy, lack of health awareness and apathy towards their rights are all linked with it. A poor lady bears a child with bleak immunity to survive in the harsh environment having resistant microorganism. Poverty along lack of health awareness make the situation more vulnerable for the newborn .myths and custom activities related to child handling can lead to different health we can take the plight of THAR (Pakistan) where poor health of ladies along with poor health awareness towards mother feeding in the early days of child is the main reason of less immunize children. Absence of political will is another big obstacle to achieve good indicators in case of child health. Budget allocation to health is less as compare to other developmental projects. Unavailability of latest machinery for the survival of children is due to scarcity of budget in the public health sector.

Multifaceted agenda is required to deal this serious issue with iron hands. Ending preventable newborn and child deaths is possible – within our lifetime. With a concerted, coordinated effort among policymakers, businesses, healthcare workers, communities and families, we can work together to provide affordable, quality healthcare for every mother and child. Government vibrant steps can help to deal this issue in a good manner. The first step can be taken to improve the public health sector through implementation factor. Train doctors, health visitors and volunteers for community awareness. Allocation of reasonable budget for health particularly for child health.  Efforts towards alleviation of poverty and provision of education are also needed. Incentive programs like free baby box program of Finland government can be introduced to decrease the child mortality. Print and electronic media can be used to spread awareness related to child health.

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