Change By Learning

Tamkeen Zaman


Learning attitude does not only means the lesson which you are studying through your books, magazines, newspaper or anything else which you consider Learning but actually it’s the story of your whole life and the experience which you had gone through you cannot inhibit yourself to a place or to place or to some point in life like a substrate because learning must continue throughout your whole life .your learning must enhance your whole life your personality your heart and even your soul a person in this world is just like a man standing on the side of ocean which learn to survive for years by defending from the waves of water of ocean and when he dies he is the inspiration .difficulties are the part of life and you learned material throughout life acts as a jack and if it does not act as a jack than believe me you are the loser one. Enhancing yourself for positive behaviors and attitudes is not a preposterous thing but if you do this by learning then it would be an ideal one your life must be codified INA systematic manner and it’s a great part of your learning too.

Life is the name of change but towards positivity it’s the name to cherish and protect yourself from negativity, a step towards coexisting and you must have the ability for it your life is just like a tooth like part on the edge of gear wheel so if you will not rotate it will the passage of time you will lose it so changing yourself by learning or the experience of life is verb stimulation and necessary let’s consider an example if a person born in the east end of London he completes his study kindergarten, graduation in London and suddenly he goes through such conditions in his life that it becomes very necessary for him that he has to move from London to Qatar that not a small thing but a great challenge for his life as he has different language, culture, mentality, even everything related to learning he had gone through his life in contrary to Qatar, if he goes through these conditions successfully the we will consider that he has changed himself by learning so that’s the great point and inspiration so all of you must not stick to the content of learning because it’s not for sticking or for being attached to something like substrate you must rotate the wheel of your life according to the terms, conditions and circumstances of life and that’s really a factor of change by learning you cannot consider your whole life a flaking stone.

This could be suspicious and wistful ever. You can fly like some insect, bird, bat but up to a certain limit this is also a kind of change if you become withdraw according to the conditions like a sum of money taken out of an account if you wings up to a certain limit than that’s well and good but if you don’t have than you have to develop yourself because enhancing and making opportunities is one of the art you must learn these lessons and become strong day by day you must have the courage to accept this change and everything that you consider that you must have to accept this change so conclusion of this whole that you can recognize change by learning this and necessary for positive behaviors…so according to dictionary I can write as C-castor, H-hysteria, A-acceleration, N-nab, G-grooming, Elementary.

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