Career Selection For Students

Rafia Aqdas


We know that first our destination then the way to achieve or reach it and then we start our journey.  In the same way, we should select our career with our keen observation and complete guidance and information about it. It should be related to our interests as well. This the most trending issue of our students that at the time of selection of study course after completing their matriculation. They are supposed to get an idea from their parents and even elder brothers or sisters and cousins. Students are forced to move the medical degree or profession because their parents dream see them as doctors or they believe that only doctors are successful in the world mentally and financially too. They don’t even bother to think about the interests and skills of their child.

The child is forcefully admitted to doing intermediate with biology if he has interest in it or not. He is forced to become the doctor only because of his parents. From the day a child is born in a family, he is supposed to be a doctor and most of the people start calling them DOCTOR too.

The child remains quiet during all this time to make his parents happy and merely wants to fulfil their dreams too. Rather than sharpening his inner talents and skills. He works as hard as he could to achieve high grades and he definitely gets good grades in his intermediate examination.

Now the child is forcefully sent to other academies for preparation of MDCAT. The child has to pass the test in any condition because this is the first step to get into a medical college. There will be one who will understand the condition of the student during this time. None will care if he goes into depression or attempts suicide. It’s the test in which thousands of the students fail to prove their abilities and intellect. It’s basically an aptitude test in which even board toppers also fail. This failure breaks the hearts of the students because are limited in colleges and the number of students is really remarkable.

The actual reason is that most of the students face a lot of problems during this time of three months.

I personally believe that a test of 150 minutes can’t decide the future of the students that they are going to be doctors or not. But there is no perfect substitute for this test yet.

When a student fails in the test then he is considered to be a dull one and his abilities are also questioned. Is it the right way to make him realize that he doesn’t deserve to be a doctor?

He is again forced to repeat MDCAT and try again. In the same way, one or two years of the student are wasted for this quest.

The purpose of writing this article is to make you realize that everyone should be seen in the selection of your career. You need to polish up your skills and hidden talents which God has gifted you and be successful in your lives because life is itself a beautiful gift from Allah and we can’t waste it.

Allah has sent us to this universe to do something special with which He has gifted us.

Life is given once only and we need to realize it bad that we should have goals in our lives which we have to try hard in any condition to make them come true.


You should first select the purpose of your life and then find out the paths which go towards its achievement. It will help you to make your dreams come true and will give you inner peace as well.

Here are several steps for the selection of career;


You must realize that which profession you idealize and like the most. You have skills for going into which profession. You may also consult a career counsellor for this purpose because it’s the most crucial step of your future. The work in which you feel most satisfied and happy is best for you and you are definitely born to do that work.


Now get the idea of your interests and find out the perfect one for you. You will never get bored or tired of the work you love and you are passionate about. Passion is basically something you love to do.


It will consist of writing, reading, painting, or any subject which you like the most.


It will help you know about your hidden talents. The interviewers will help you to explore your skills and will you give information about the profession you love the most.


It’s the final decision for you which will decide what you are going to be in your life.


Realize it why you are sent on this planet and why you are created by your Lord and set your goals. These the things or plans which you have to achieve in any condition in your life.



You now plan what you have to do for your country, your nation, your family and for yourself. Make a list of your goals and achieve them with fair means and passion.

When you become a successful person then none asks how many failures you have seen and how you have become so successful in life. Work hard to prove your abilities and never lose hope.


It’s the best way to make your life successful and remarkable for others too.

If you get all your goals then your parents and every single person connected to you will feel proud of you.


In the end, I humbly request all the students to select your career with exploration if you want to pay off the actual purpose of your life. In this way, you will definitely get fame, respect, satisfaction, praises, support of parents and relatives rather than being In a profession which you don’t like and you will even not want to work for that.

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