Mashal Rehman


Before the launch of Careem and Uber in Pakistan, there was Taxi service and I remember it was not convenient at all. First of all, taxies were not available at your doorstep and a person has to go out of his home and he had to find a taxi. Secondly, there were a lot of rate issues. A person had to bargain and sometimes actually most people used to argue with taxi drivers. Then Careem was launched in Islamabad and people became very happy as it was very convenient to use Careem. All a person needed was a smartphone with an internet connection and by installing an app your car would be available at your doorstep. Secondly, there were other options too like if you want to go to a formal event then you can book Go plus or business vehicle. Then Uber was launched too and the biggest advantage of using Careem and Uber was that a person doesn’t have to argue with the driver also known as captain because a person only has to pay for the meter which starts at the beginning of the ride and it ends at when the ride ends. On top of it, career and Uber are cheap as compared to normal taxis.

In the beginning, Careem and Uber both were exceptionally good and they made travelling easy and enjoyable but now their service is becoming worse day by day. Even I am a regular user of Careem and Uber as I have to travel a lot and now I use a lot of difficulties. First of all these days on Careem, there is always a PEAK FACTOR of 1.3 or sometimes even 1.6 and to be honest 1.6 is a lot of money. Secondly, most captains do not know how to use GOOGLE MAP and they never arrive at your particular location. Even though after booking my ride I call my captain and say to them that you have to come there. The captains are not all Honest. Just to earn a few pennies more they say that they have arrived even though they are far away from the location. I have started noticing another trend too. There are two options like you can either book mini which is without Ac and then there is GO which means a car with Ac. These days it is very hot and when you are going somewhere which is far then obviously you need AC and you are also paying for it but when you say to the captains they say sorry madam AC is not working Gas khatam hai. Lastly a few days back Careem sent me a message that they have reached a million captains but then sometimes there are no captains available what is this now?


Now let’s talk about Uber. First of all what Uber captains do is when you book a ride you will immediately receive a message that madam where do you want to go? I am like dude it is your duty to take me wherever I want to go and I will pay you for it. Secondly what Uber drivers do is that if you want to go somewhere which far away like if you want to go to Rawalpindi they will say No Madam ap ride cancel or dein main tu wahan nae jaun ga. What is this? Like you are doing a job and people pay you for it. You do not have a choice. The thing which irritates me the most is that they do not know ways and sometimes they deliberately take you through longer routes so that more money would be added to the account. Still, they ask for five stars.  Even Uber app is not user-friendly. I still do not know how to use it properly.

I was extremely saddened when I read news about the murder of some Careem drivers and I was like why people are doing all this to them but nowadays on daily basis, I am reading news about how Uber and Careem drivers mistreat their passengers especially girls and to be honest it is disgusting. Secondly, these companies are hiring people without any proper system. It is absolutely ridiculous because you are putting in danger people’s life. Even they do not take proper action against them. So, I would like to urge people to share their experiences of using Careem and Uber and what difficulties they face so that proper action would be taken against them because safety comes first.

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