Bowing Heads

Tamkeen Zaman


I can write the word “bowing” as a consideration for the whole life and can follow it but first of all it is consistent to know that what is bowing and bowing heads …most of us but it’s a definite thought on the face of this earth that “if I would bow before someone else once than it couldn’t be a conquest at all” but for your kind information I may pleasantly a and agreeably say that bowing is one of the greatest skill one can ever have and it’s a great conjecture to understand these lines …it’s a common narrative among most of our conversations that we neither listen to others or our loved ones because we consider it a non-authentic thing but it’s actually a great authority and it’s a just solution towards our happiness and great achievement of life if someone has .your worries cannot be released throughout your whole life if you had never a habit of bowing yourself before someone else and it’s the most succumbed one .bowing head doesn’t mean to bend yourself physically before someone else but it’s just mean is to bow and bend your attitudes, behavior, mind, mentality, fears, love, mood, and even you whole according to some people ,time and according to Allah’s will and if you don’t do this then it will not be an eradication from life but a great consent and victory…

“Only a bowed tree can get fruit “

Bowing heads pushes you for settlement of your attitudes and once you had gone through you are the winner now you can connive it. Conservativeness is not a bad thing but when it attacks your bowing heads it could be called as victory because victories only comes to compromising and effective people because it’s a formula of success .you can never be able to foster and successful if you have not the ability of bowing yourself. As I have told earlier that bowing is a great skill and skillful man is more successful than anyone or educated one in life and you may have seen many examples or listened about this. Uprising is led mainly by ups and downs of life and passing through them randomly is a skill and “bowing” is a gadget to move randomly through them .if you are waiting for your rights to be realized despite numerous fluctuations than stop racking others and yourself too and give your soul away to determination to overcome this .you may have countless blessings,  people , feelings,  in your life but you don’t have the rights to oppress others,  yourself, and blessings are nothing more than lava if you don’t have the power and courage to distribute it among your surroundings because these blessings are given to you by Allah before whom you bow your heads as during “sajda” and sajda is the great example and sign of success because in it you bow before Allah the only one creator of you, blessings, and the whole world..

Most of the people die in themselves due to their hysterical and futile attitudes and “satan” is one of the greatest examples of it .we can never achieve long-lasting in us if we don’t have the habit of bowing out heads because people carrying their futile and rubbish attitudes with them can only be scam throughout their whole life and if you had the wish of regenerating your life than please you must have to leave your unrefined attitude which you are carrying with yourself since your past life and which has no reflection and nothing more than a debris .through this you can refund yourself ..These attitudes can raid you somewhere or some through but you must have the strength and clarity and strength to face their attacks because if you had not then you could be precarious .people with bowed heads have always more forceful abilities of clarity ,strength, courage, determination, forgiveness, love, and they can force forefront the declines of their lives because they are most playful, obsessive, and generous than anyone else ,they can solve the great mysteries of life and even death. I can write bowed in the meaning of dictionary as B-base, O-ongoing, W-wittering, E-etiquette, D-defense…

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