Bouncing Desires

Tamkeen Zaman


Life is full of desires ,no matter,although some of them come true, some are foreign to us,and some of them become laughing stock through out our own self and that’s really itching Desire may be of different kinds, I mean they could be replaceabl , irregular and itching too ,but if we kept them in bouncing state ,they will never irritate us ,no doubt ,this is best state to keep them,so that they become adjustable and later turns to wishes. Just imagine that you had a heart desire to visit kaghan once,but due to some accident it wasn’t fulfilled and it becomes turns to a ‘wish’ … never let it go and never let it to become a decontamination and never leave your hope and keep that in mind and for the best occasion to fulfill it because  ‘listening’and “seeing” can never alike. Desires are not useless things but they make us more imaginative person because a desire for a trip to kaghan will force you to imagine “the view of kaghan which is much breathtaking and wonderful sight whose lake is a great spot for picnic and enjoyment “ it’s all was only due to your imagination, produced only due to that desire inside your heart which all declares your creativity inside yourself and you will come to know that once indeed ,really innovative ..

Bouncing of desires prevent you from avoiding frustrating things ,Desires may be related to our goals , luxuries, soul humanity ,whatever they are ,we should neither equalize ourselves ,if they don’t come true to happen or gradual. Some of our desires become our power and reasons to live and survive through but If they are relating to some wonderful event, person or wishing some adorable thing to happen, (strong wish or covet) sometimes desire becomes appetite and unattainable. This occurs because we hadn’t keep that in such situations or condition so that it spring back against something and that’s hilarious. They must not turn to become some kind of appetite but it must be everlasting and ironic…


                     “When your desires are strong enough, you will appear to possess the superhuman power to achieve”


                                                            Napoleon Hill

The stronger the desire, the greater the motivation, the greater the achievement…..

During this process of finalizing desire, we forget the terms of circumstances and conditions and we always want to fulfil them at the same time and one thing that really needs a description here that we must not neglect the fight of desire and circumstances because they need to be filled on the best time and you must have the patience to wait for Don’t part with your illusions when they’re gone, you may still exist but you have a reason to live .your heart’s desire must be positive, life-enhancing, and beneficial to you and others. If you desire to be happy you must first ask if you deserve to be happy, if you desire to be respected, you must make yourself so it’s necessary that we must turn ourselves and our behaviors according to our desires, if we really want them to come true and if there are negative and harmful desires, it remains uncontrolled for a longer period of your life that due to these harmful desires you would turn into worst monster on earth so never let it happen….According to the dictionary I can write it as D-decorous,E-efficient,S-sanguine,I-important,R-reconstruction,E-exit at a specific level

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