Biological Bombs

Jaweria Ashraf


Biological Bombs or Biological Weapons are different from Nuclear Weapons. Biological bombs are silent, invisible and do not require an explosion or a blast but they are very disastrous and life-threatening.

The term “Biological Bomb” refers to the biological infectious agents like virus, bacteria and fungus that can kill life on earth. Unlike nuclear bombs, biological bombs can be the aftermath of any natural happening that can cause fatal diseases in humans, animals and plants.

In past, the fatal diseases which had no cure found used to spread from person to person and within a few hours, the whole city could have vanished. There were so many lethal diseases which proved to be very dangerous biological bombs and their causative agents (virus, bacteria or fungus) entered the body of living organisms and incapacitate them and if any human could be able to survive, life became too difficult that he would wish to die. For Example, the diseases like Plague, Anthrax, Rabies, Small Pox, etc. were very common and became the cause of death of millions of people in past.

Biological Bombs were also used strategically to get the advantage over the enemy and for the killing of people intentionally. Specialist’s claim that the dead bodies of Mongol Warriors, died of Plague, thrown over the wall of the besieged Crimean city of Kaffa was responsible for the “BLACK DEATH” in Europe resulting in the death of millions of people.

Giovanni Boccaccio says;

“[Of the Black Death]; How many valiant men, how many fair ladies, breakfast with their kinfolks and the same night supped with their ancestors in the next world.”


Biological Bombs and weapons are difficult to detect, easy to use and cannot be controlled. They can also attack the friendly forces. Thus they are very dangerous. Sometimes Biological weapons consume time but the consequences are always lethal. They can be targeted against an individual, a community or a complete population.

The work of Great Muslim Scientists like “Ibn al-Khatib” and “Ibn-e-Sina” against plague gave the world a new way with better approaches. In 1796, Edward Jenner made the vaccine for smallpox and it was first ever successful vaccine introduced. Louis Pasteur work against anthrax and rabies was also successful. The “Germ Theory of Disease” proposed in 1900 and advances in the field of Biology made it easy to find a better cure against life-threatening diseases. It was made easy to save life on earth.

But despite all this, the problem is not yet solved. There are still some diseases which are not able to cure even now. Ebola Virus disease is a fatal epidemic disease and no effective vaccine can be made against it till now. However, the scientist is working to make an effective vaccine against the Ebola virus. In West Africa, Ebola virus disease has killed thousands of people.


Biological bombs are sufficient to kill people. The use of biological bombs in wars is a war crime. Under the Customary International Humanitarian Law, the use of bioweapons is prohibited and also various other international treaties have banned the use of any kind of biological bomb.

But some illegal groups and people still use bioweapons to threaten and kill humans. They are trying to spread bioterrorism in the world. Ricin is a fatal biological weapon used nowadays that can explode life and unfortunately, no antidote exists against it.

The advancement in Biotechnology is for the welfare of mankind but advance techniques can also help in making dangerous biological bombs and within a few years we are going to enter a new age of bio warfare, scientists claim that. They also say that they are also working to make it sure that such weapons would never be made that may kill the precious life on earth.

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