Being A Favorite Teacher Is Not Easy Job

Saman Arif


Teaching isn’t an easy job. Being a favorite teacher of student isn’t easy. The teacher is the one who plays a major role in nation building or if explained more precisely, the teacher is the one who teaches the new-generation. The teacher is the one who could create improvement in our society. In today’s time of tough syllabus and competition life, it’s difficult for students to survive. If a person of some old age sees the facilities nowadays, he would definitely claim studies to be no more difficult. Buts it’s not that easy. Yeah! Facilities have improved. But at the same time stress level has increased. You would have observed a large number of students scoring 90+ marks. On the other side, some are average and some fail. But in all this scenario, the teacher is the one who has to walk with each of his students. The teacher is the one who has to polish each of the students.

It is not like who score high are intelligent. Each person has some hidden talents. It’s okay if someone isn’t good in learning all the chapters of 7 to 8 books he keeps in his bag for a year. A teacher needs to explore students who score low. Some are good at music, some got good writing skills, some paint fabulous. It’s not always for a student aiming to be a doctor, engineer or pilot. Another very important thing for the teacher to keep in mind is that an intelligent student or bookworms would keep in touch with books and will complete his syllabus no matter if he’s aught that lesson well or not. The real achievement of a teacher is if the weaker student learns their lessons. The teacher must be very loving, caring and convenient for students and must be aware of each and saved activity of his student. A student spends 6 hours in their institute so if they are found in distress, a teacher is the one who should talk with his student and should teach them not to give up. The motivational lecture is the most important part of teaching. Imagine a morning attendance when the teacher calls the name of each student and if he demands a smile back on each face as their name is being called. And in case if someone stays absent so how cool it could be if the teacher calls them or visit their house. Teaching isn’t easy I am repeating my sentence because it is a 24hr job. A teacher just delivers his lecture in a very interesting manner.

Favoritism isn’t a teacher job. Being unfair is going to inculcate this inhumane habit in our children. Note whatever they’ll see, they are going to learn that as a lesson for a lifetime. All the lessons printed in a textbook can’t stay in their mind forever but teachers act of kindness and love will. It always makes me cry when I see students giving up on studies. Besides all the efforts and struggles when the teacher doesn’t treat they well. It fucking hurts when I see someone who studied all night but for teacher fucking favoritism is the main theme. It is not about all the teachers but some really do this. Without checking what student performed, they will notice a lucky guy. I feel bad when hardworking student cry. I never wanted to occupy this teaching profession but from sometimes past I am feeling like I should join this profession because the real teacher has become an asset. I actually want to help each children having struggles. I want to teach then honesty, love, care and loyalty.


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