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Indeed a dramatic story from last 2 months. After Panama leaks, Sharif family was under red lights. And BBC news ignited this case, even more, when it was declared that Sharif family owns London flats since 90’s and the owner didn’t change since the 90’s. They declared that the Sharif family used two offshore companies (Nescol and Nielson) to buy those expensive flats in May fair locality. The owner is Hassan Nawaz. The court raised several questions on this property as their income is disproportionate to their property. “From where did they got that money?” Nawaz family failed to answer this question. If we have a glance at the back era, in 1999 Nawaz Sharif was exiled and in that duration, none of Sharif family was allowed to have any kind of business.

After several hearings in court and unanswered questions, Nawaz Sharif was arrested on his return to Pakistan on July 13, along with his daughter Maryam Nawaz and son-in-law Capt. Safdar. Nawaz Sharif was sentenced for 10 years, Maryam Nawaz for 7 years and Safdar for 1 year and fined in the Avenfield property case as well. Furthermore, they are disqualified to contest elections or to hold public office for next 10 years. Their supporters assumed that it was a backdrop to the elections of July 2018. PMLN played the sympathy card well. Shahbaz Sharif was quoted as saying by the Express Tribune, “By returning to Pakistan Nawaz Sharif has proved that he is on right. Now for his return, it is your responsibility to vote for PMLN candidates on July 25″. During their stay in Adiala Jail, Nawaz Sharif complained of no AC and dirty washrooms. Later the plan was amended and finally, they were allotted a  ‘B’ class jail which has facilities such as a 21-inch television, a newspaper, a bed and a fan. During their stay in Adiala Jail Imran Khan became the 22nd prime minister of Pakistan m PMLN got a strong opposition. On 11th of September 2018, Begum Kalsoom Nawaz died because of lymphoma. It was such a grief fie Sharif family that can never be filled. Fir next five days Sharif family was shifted to sub-jail where they could attend the funeral of Begum Kalsoom Nawaz. WS could never forget this incredible lady who protested all herself during the exile of Nawaz Sharif. Finally, on 19th September Nawaz Sharif, his daughter and son-in-law were released from Adiala Jail. But their case is still in court and there will be further hearings according to the schedules. Nawaz Sharif after being released had a meeting with Shahbaz Sharif along with party leaders and said,” I have not done anything wrong. My conscience is satisfied”. They arrived in Lahore on a special plane. When the news of them being released from prison was announced, all their party workers, party supporters reached their and gave them a warm welcome.

     In this entire trauma, the unanswered question is still the same. The Sharif family failed to satisfy the court. 19th of September is a black day for the judiciary as well. Justice Athar Minalah has said that forgery or cheating and the misleading court is no offence. I feel pity for those who thought Mafia’s appointed NAB officials will convict their master. The cleanup of NAB is must now. And furthermore, the meeting of Imran Khan with Saudians is another question mark. He clearly mentioned in his first speech to the public that there will be no official tours to foreign for the next 3 months. The rumors are that Imran Khan made a deal with Saudians to release Nawaz Sharif. But its overall a shameful moment for Pak Judiciary.

If this time Nawaz and Zardari get away with their massive looting and anti-state activities then people of Pakistan would lose their trust in Pak Judiciary and institutes of national security.


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