Athlete Foot

Zainab Sarfraz


It is an inflammatory skin disease that is caused by fungal infection. It is usually scaly, raw appearing eruption with weeping and oozing with small blisters that badly affects the sole of foot and skin between toes. There is a variety of fungus that causes athletes foot. This fungus is promoted by warmth, humid environment, dark and moisture may present in gyms, locker room, swimming pools, nail salon, and contaminated socks and cloth. This fungus can spread from person to person. Most people get fungus on their foot when they walk barefoot in areas where someone else with this disease has recently walked.

Most individuals have no symptoms at all and not know they have the infection. Their symptoms are itching, stinging, burning. Person start itching thinks that their skin becomes dry and sometimes peel off their skin due to crack, pain, fissuring. It this disease is caused by fungus then it is potentially contagious. Some people don’t get an infection after exposure to the fungus. Sometimes, shoe material such as vinyl cause feet to remain moist provide an excellent area for the fungus to proliferate. The exact cause of resistance or susceptibility is unknown. With the help of the doctor, this infection is potentially curable by first doing the biopsy or fungal culture to confirm the diagnosis.

The measure is taken to avoid fungal infection:


A dry, clean, friction-free environment should be given to the patient to recover quickly.

Absorbent socks may work as antiperspirants

The powder can keep your dry

Dilute white vinegar soaks (one part vinegar and four parts water), once or twice a day may aid in treatment.

By using the medication prescribed by the pharmacist.

Antiseptic creams can act as the suppressor for fungus.

Change and wash your socks regularly.

Do not share your shoes with any other person if you have the fungal infection.

Do not avoid certain relative measures which help you to prevent this type of fungal infection. Exposure to the moist environment either from excessive sweating or from any other external source is a risk factor. AS you all know that there is no single cause of any disease then, it is obvious that these diseases have no single treatment.

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