Saman Majeed

Steep Rise In Self Harm Among Teenage

The yearning of self-impairment is an indication of Autism, Spectrum disorders, Bipolar disorder, Phobias, conduct disorders and “Borderline Personality Disorder”. People with other cerebral disorders like self-loathing, gloominess, anxiety, stress, eating disorders, Post-traumatic stress disorder, Schizophrenia and other several Personality disorders also self-harm.

Farzana Chandio

Who Is Al-Razi?

He was called Al Razi after the city where he was born. Zakaria Al Razi better known as Rhazes in the west is Universally Recognized as the most outstanding scientist of the middle age times, who influenced the course of thought in many branches of knowledge especially in medicine due to which he became famous.

Kishwer Perveen

Power Of Media And Use

It is the media which have ability to makes innocent to guilty and guilty to innocent .Media works to introduce Government new policies and create awareness and encourages the public to follow them. Media network spread in all the country and as watchdog function of media, the members of media always try to seek new information. All forms of media including electronic, print and social media performing various functions .

Yasmeen Qureshi

23 March 1940: Pakistan Day

When the person of Hindu nation left Hinduism and accept the Islam then he is not in the first nation, he is definitely the person of 2nd nation. There are different names of this resolution, Pakistan resolution is commonly known name. It was the political achievement of Muslim League to make Muslims united under one flag of Muslim League and also they made one point political agenda to get Pakistan.

Danish Iqbal

Nothing Is For Man But What He Strives For

Allama Iqbal has very accurately portrayed this concept in his “shikwa” and “jawabi shikwa”. In view of the downfall of the Muslims, a Muslim complain to Allah in shikwa”. But complaining and not doing work hard is the sign of the lazy and unsuccessful person, although Allah says work hard. “All the blessings are for the non-Muslims and the disaster are destined to poor Muslims we do reward a person and open a new world for him provided he struggles and strives for the same.

Alveena Aziz

NCRD Training Courses: An Open Door To KnowledgeAnd Wisdom

The Centre is collaborating with a huge number of national and international bodies. Training and research are conducted for the purpose of development of rural areas. It is a well-furnished institute equipped with all learning facilities in the campus.

Tehmina Amjad

He Had Two Years To Live

His theory on black holes, quantum theory and origin of the universe have changed physics. He gave the concept of the black hole, from where rays come out and these rays are the source of new changes. These rays are associated with having the name and called as “Hawking radiations”.

Ezza Samman

Pakistan Morning Shows

In morning shows wedding concept is good for entertainment but the concept of rearranging the wedding ceremony of an already married couple is awkward. Nowadays morning shows host force the viewers to improve their natural beauty and go to polar or clinic regularly. In morning show sometime host insult their audience public-ally which is shame for them and they feel embarrassment.

Saman Majeed

PICA: A Strange Eating Disorder

Researchers find that pica occurs in 25% to 30% of young children that are mentally ill. A person that is suffering from pica may develop different surreptitious behaviors as well as they awake late night to eat. Pica is most often in young pregnant women especially in southern United States as well as in some immigrants.

Fizza Samman

After Shocks Of Senate Elections 2018

But now after senate election, it is very difficult for Pakistan Muslim League N to pass any bill in the favor of Nawaz Sharif as they have not so much power left in Senate after the defeat in the Chairman and Deputy Chairman Senate of Election. The only solution to bring back Nawaz Sharif in Parliament is the Presidential Ordinance.

Farzana Chandio

Why Hindu Celebrate Holi!

When Pahlaj grew, he saw the worship of his father by all, he came in front of his father and started a struggle against his own father.  And asked people not to worship his father who is like all of us, he requested to the people for the worship of God who has created the entire world, no doubt the entire world and all power belongs to him.

Alveena Aziz

Pakistan’s New USA Ambassador Ali Jahangir Siddiqui

A.J Siddiqui is the son of the famous philanthropist and the owner of JS group of companies; Jahangir Siddiqui and is the nephew of renown producer and the owner of HUM television network; Sultana Siddiqui. He is married to the daughter of the owner of GEO network Mir Shakil Ur Rehman. So he has a strong business background.

Adnan Arshad

Clean Energy is Only Solution to Pakistan Staying Below 1.5°C

Pakistan is grappling with many other challenges, including smog, receding floods, rising temperature, melting glaciers, shifting rainfall patterns, heatwaves, droughts and the deep groundwater table. The contribution of Pakistan to global greenhouse gases emission (GHGE) is 0.43 percent, but it is among the world’s top ten highly climate-change vulnerable nations. Local environmentalist sees the issue as a bigger threat …

Tehmina Amjad

5 Best Camera Apps In 2018 For Your Golem Device

The stock camera in your golem device will an honest job, however different camera apps supply most further practicality that it’d be a shame to not strive a minimum of many of them. To urge you started, we’ve appointed blossom five best camera apps in 2017 for your golem device. Some cater to skilled photographers United Nations agency needs to play with as several settings as attainable, whereas others square measure good for selfie addicts.

Farzana Chandio

Old And New Concepts About The Origin Of Life

A little later his creation, the man started to ponder over the philosophy of life. It seems that the story about the origin of life is as older as the existence of man itself. With his efforts, and in the light of his access to investigators, the man continued his efforts to find out the truth about life and its beginning. It is one of the traditional old problems and most of us who work in this field are motivated more by curiosity than by the desire to produce anything of immediate practical value.

Fizza Samman

Predictions About Book of Reham Khan

First of all, Hanif Abbasi told to media Reham Khan is writing a book. If she writes a book, then it is not better for Imran Khan. He also mentioned that I do not predict like Sheikh Rasheed. I am not a fortune teller like him. Maybe she is writing against Imran Khan. This is not only my thinking some politician thought and even some common civilians also thought that this book is against the Imran Khan.

Ezza Samman

W Two World Korean Drama

Korean drama W-TWO WORLD is a comic drama. In this drama the main character is comic. The main comic role is played by LEE JONG SUK. In the drama, hero’s name is KANG CHUL and he is from the comic world while the heroine is from the real world. HAN HYO JOO is heroin in this drama and in drama, her name is YEON JOO.

Mujeeb Urehman

The Future of Search Engine

The world become a global village due to fast communication systems and advancement it made for wellbeing of human kind. The software industry has major part in it. Most of the software uses existing operating systems to run their instruction programs. If search engines like google chrome, Mozilla firefox etc. developed an operating System that can change …

Madeeha Saeed

The Proficient Super Mushak!

In concern of training role and Army Co-operation missions Mushak is leading the peak. In order to meet the requirement of a contemporary number one training syllabus and as a perfect fundamental instructor. Aircraft is right for Night, Navigation, and Formation & Instrument Flying. P.S for Basic flight training, Aerobatics, stalls and deliberates spins.

Alveena Aziz

Khalistan 2.0: A Fact Or A Fiction

J.Atwal is a Canadian person of Indian descent. He was a vigorous and an active member of The International Sikh Youth Federation (ISYF) which was one of the most prominent radical organizations demanding the independence of ‘Khalistan’ from India decades ago. In 1987 Canadian court has sentenced him to 20 years as he was involved in a murder attempt of an Indian minister in Canada.

Tehmina Amjad

Future Of The World Is In Trouble

There are many countries worldwide that have immense management and planning for running established system of their country. These countries are suffering from many problems and poor management issues that may lead to severe problems in future. Unfortunately, our little kids and Childs are also becoming part of this system. They suffer disaster and such rubbish situations, one of these is being a child labour. Future of World is in trouble due to these circumstance.

Madeeha Saeed

Scorpion Recce Jet Textron Air Land Unveils The Air Beauty 

In the race of falcons, the new bird with all its devastating beauty and efficiency confront itself. In December 2013 was approaching when the scorpion’s tires touched the runway at McConnell Air Force Base in central Kansas for the first time. The test pilot who was handling the bird named Dan Hinson said his first saying

Alveena Aziz

Syrian Civil War: The Story Of Civil Massacre

The “Syrian Arab Republic” is located in Western Asia along the coast of Mediterranean Sea. The neighboring countries are Lebanon, Iraq, Turkey, Israel, and Jordon. Syrian civil war has initiated in 2011, is a piece in a chain of revolutions called Arab Springs or Arab Revolutions. It has initiated in the form of non-violent protests around the whole country turning into violent riots.

Madeeha Saeed

The World Class Woman Warrior

The knight with all attributes of velour, wearing black attire with the lengthy shawl, which was rolled up around his waist and covering all the front, breaking through the ranks of Roman Empire like an arch in the flow. Some steps away, Khalid the leader, was wondering about that unfamiliar knight who was changing the game on the battlefield.

Farzana Chandio

Man Is Different From Animal

If we look at this little sentence we find it absolutely true. The human has conquered most of the world but himself remains a riddle. Whatever science has endowed us in regard to the knowledge of human, is insufficient. We have to know the composition of the human body, analyzed his nervous system, yet it terms far from reach.

Madeeha Saeed

JF17 vs F16

When we talk about JFT and F16, we always stuck on PLAAF/USAF political barriers. I am not going to discuss those facts but in nutshell I’ll. In my words, Pretty comparison lies between Indian LCA P.S HAL Tejas, Taiwan IDF or Sweden’s Saab Gripen. Moreover, it will be very interesting for me to know about SD-10

Tehmina Amjad

Problems In Education System Of Pakistan

The educational system is not evenly distributed in all cities, districts and provinces of Pakistan for example, Baluchistan that is largest province of Pakistan by area is not much groomed as compared to Punjab that is the largest province by population. Education system mainly depends upon schools. And in Pakistan schools have been divided into different sectors

Saman Majeed

Relationship Between Child Obesity and Depression

The first main cause is the high-calorie intake. Calories are taken in the high amount but not burned off at the same rate. High activity level helps a child to burn the number of calories.But if the child is so sluggish to do even simple activities like playing outdoor games instead of sitting in front of the computer for hours he will start gaining weight 

Saad Ullah

The Science of Solar Energy Harvesting

Solar energy, a very abundant source of renewable energy is widely available all over the world. As the other sources of energy like water, wind, coal, nuclear fuel, petrol, diesel, natural gas etc. are being used widely and hence the reserves are depleting at pace. So there is a strong need to find more renewable sources of energy like solar energy. In this article…

Madeeha Saeed

Archaic R Encounter Of Digital vs Typical Parenting Challenges And Guide

First and foremost approach is instructive Mediation approach, in which parents instruct their kids i.e. what to do and what not to do, what would be beneficial and what would be threatening, what is literally right and what is not etc. The second approach is restrictive mediation, in which parents use restrictions to avoid any misshaping or negative probation

Bilal Qadir

Donald Trump Mentally Fit But

For example what kind of medical issues Donald Trump have? What kind of medical drugs is he taking? What is his mental status? What kind of food does he eat? Are test results of Donald Trump Health are not normal? What actually he needs? 18th January 2018, Independent reveal heart problems of American President Donald Trump. In my opinion

Alveena Aziz

Top Five New Pakistani Actresses

She was born in Lahore & has graduated from BH University in TFT (theatre, film & television). She has started her career from ‘Dharkan’ drama serial of HUM TV. But she has got popularity from drama ‘Khamoshi’ which is being aired on HUM TV. She is playing the lead role in this drama.

Farzana Chandio

Nutritional Disorders In Pakistan

About 50,000 children in Pakistan suffer from exophthalmia and one fort of whom become permanently blind each year or, die 34- 40% of the population has the low or deficient level of vitamin A and carotene in the blood. In Pakistan, 34% of the general population has deficient or low levels of plasma vitamin A and

Madeeha Saeed

Eurofighter Typhoon-On BAE’s Furnishing Table

In concern of armaments, Euro jet is a two-Engine combat aircraft. The layout of a jet is “Two-spool”, along with 3-Degree fan which drives by single stage mills and also 5-Degree HP compressor with burners which have vaporizing capability & annular combustion. This quality boosts jet to cruise at supersonic speed without reheating it again and again for very long durations.

Farzana Chandio

Science And Art Of Public Speaking

The speakers speaking is equivalent to the writer’s writing; one uses his tongue and vibrates the air, and other uses his pen and vibrates the paper. But speaking is superior to writing in the sense that former is active and direct communication and later is inactive and indirect communication.

Rumisa Malik

Pakistan Super League 2018 Wait Is Over!

While second held in 2016 but the good thing was that after the first season, the finale of the second PSL was played in victim city Lahore. PSL season runs between Feb and March, each team play 10 matches. The inaugural champion was Islamabad united while Peshawar zalmi was second PSL season champion.

Bilal Qadir


Like all other aspects of economics, currency is also important aspect of economics. In Pakistan currency plays an important role in Economy of Pakistan because it affects inflation and many other things in many ways. Especially the rise of dollar and fall of PKR play major role in economy of Pakistan…. 

Madeeha Saeed


At the time, Where everyone shaming themselves being Pakistani and have an nationality of the country which is top listed by various sites as a ranked first country who searched for pornographic content. As owing to the fact, the mystery cannot be resolved by just….

Farzana Chandio


Last Thursday every Pakistani shocked by watching the news of rape and murder of a seven year old girl whose body was found on the garbage of road in Kasur City. This is not the first case.
The list is  expanding day by day. There were many cases occurred In Kasur City during last year like Eman Fatima, Fozia, Noor Fatima, Sanna, Asma…. 

Farzana Chandio

Donald Trump Mentally ILL

Yes, these are not my words, but it has been reported by the American writers, and doctors. Mr. Donald Trump behaves some time is like he has come out from the mental house. The TV news has reported when he was at the time of handshaking. He shows that he is in comatose mode…. 

Salman Mirza


 Quality education is the right of every child of the nation. If we talk about Pakistan, quality education holds the key role for betterment of country. Skillful and educated youth can make the country economically, morally and socially strong and worth living. Quality education is not in the access of every child. 22.6 million Children are still out of schools in Pakistan. ​

Rumisa Malik


 Alas! An eminent chef, cooking expert, famous totka’s master Zubaida Tariq fondly known as Zubaida appa is no more with us. Great personality zubaida appa has been passed away on first week of this year on Thursday 5 of January age of 72 years form heart failure ….


Democracy Unveiled

We always come up with a debate that whether there is a democracy or dictatorship in Pakistan? Could something be seriously wrong with the way issues have been defined to people in Pakistan? To answer this ever-emerging question, firstly we need to redefine some definitions. What is actually democracy and civilian- supremacy in … ​



As common causes of depression have already been well described by World Health Organization, I want to focus on the reasons of depression in our youth who are provided with each and every facility in their life and are still not satisfied. They have good family structures and lifestyles, have enough money and are studying in well reputed organizations …

Rumisa Malik


Film industry of Pakistan has many successes. In Past these films not only named as best movies in Pakistan but also at international level as well in India  which is consider as the biggest rival of Pakistan. Film industry of Pakistan has long history.  The historic city of Lahore was the center of film making, earlier to the division of India. After partition …

Madeeha Saeed

Review MIG-29!

Well, I am not an Aero dynamist or Fighter Pilot but Modern world’s New generation is everything at the same time, It is Cool and disgusting at the same time. As owing to the fact that My Dad, Who is RT of Pakistan Air Force said to me, “Jack Of All Trades-Master of None”.

Salman Mirza

What is Pakistan?

We have 200 states on our planet. Pakistan is one of them, the most important state of the globe.Our country is not an ordinary state. It is 36th in area and its contribution to world’s population is 6th. We have 5000 years old history. The journey toward Pakistan was a democratic process.

Farzana Chandio

Meaning of Life

Every human being looks at life in his/her own way and what they expect from life is also different. Some people say that life is for attaining, and ideal while others say life is a trail, yet others believe life is for enjoyment. Life is for the enjoyment of beauty, life is transient, life is short, have fun and avoid trouble and many others believe that life is evil.

Madeeha Saeed

Renowned Maritime Patrol Aircrafts-I

When we jump in comparison table, we talk about major aspects rather than the typical known aspects which could be neglect able. Some aviation writers will deny or disagree with me but in my opinion it is the fact behind my comparison baes lol. That’s informal but a little picky aspect. People don’t want to know what they already know.

Salman Mirza

Women Worth

The Holy Quran is the book of human life. It is the direction of better life, the spiritual and material kind of the human being, which guide human societies to the justice and safe life. The value of the teachings of Islam regarding women become obvious when one in different societies at the time of the rise of ISLAM.

Farzana Chandio

Is Kashmir The Issue Of Pakistan Or the Issue of All Muslim States

Kashmir is the land of paradise. Greenery and beauty is the part of Kashmir land. God blessed the Kashmir with variety of natural resources. Kashmirs are facing troubles from the time of Independence of Pakistan. They have their own land, own language, culture, traditions, morals, ethics, values and religion.
Alveena Aziz

Revolutionized Beauty Standard!

In past few decades, each and everything has revolutionized so rapidly from technologies to philosophical concepts, entertainment to politics. But the concept of ‘Beauty’ has remained the same. Centuries ago, we have declared ‘beauty’ as a relative or subjective term (considered true only from the perspective of a subject & varies from person to person). 

Bilal Qadir

The Myth of Shilajit (Slajeet)

Shilajit is a dense, gummy asphalt resembling substance with a series of color from white to dark brown. Shilajit mostly found on Tibet Peaks, Himalaya, Karakorum and Peaks of Gilgit Baltistan. There are almost 85 minerals in Shilajit.  Shilajt derived from Hindi word “Shilaajeet”. In Urdu Shilajit is call as “Salajeet”.

Sadaf Naz

Should The Green Line Bus Project Have Been Given Their First Priority?

A wise saying is that “A stitch in time, save nine” and yes indeed if we give the priority to those things which are more important to us and with whom we are connected, then definitely in that way we can not only save our precious time and energy (in different forms) but also we can be appreciated by others if those things are important to them as well.

Farzana Chandio

Why Pakistan Governance Break Down in Their Good Governance?

 Governance in Pakistan and in other countries is changing. We have our own philosophy, ideology and principalities. Now here the question arises what is the good governance is in the Pakistan or Pakistan has broken down in good governance? Good Governance is the method to serve the nation, to run the nation in the best way. Today Pakistan is going to know from the backward countries,


Alveena Aziz

Love: A Mystery Unsolved

 You people often have heard about “one-sided love”. Well, I don’t support this idea. ‘One-sided’ should be the ‘dream, desire or a wish. But it can’t be Love.  Love is something like clap; it requires two. It’s more like a game that always needs two players to win against the odds. It’s the two rails (legs) of ladders which both are required to reach the top.

Bilal Qadir

Child Sexual Harassment: Stats Laws and Recomendations

The problem of sexual harassment of children is not only related to a specific country, region and religion etc. It is the problem of World. It is related to humanity. Statistics show that this is the worldwide problem. If we look at our neighbour, according to Indian Ministry of women and child development, two


Farzana Chandio

Backwardness Of Pakistani Women In CSS Examination

It is an acknowledged fact that no society can be able to achieve a standardized level of development unless it’s every individual come to change the meaning of gender inequality. Where their name of success come then there must be gender equality. In our society gender inequality is common, men are superior to the female. Men can 

Alveena Aziz

Recent Trends In Pakistani Dramas

Before blaming social networking websites and other modern gadgets for the above-mentioned facts, kindly realize few realities. We still have books which have become best sellers & famous around the globe. We have many popular dramas in this decade too. But still day by day we are lacking our interest in this activity.

Uroosa Samman

Buy Oxygen Gas Mask Or Plant Trees Choice Is Yours!

Pakistan is losing 2.1% of its forest every year, and if this condition remains as it is then Pakistan will run out of the forest in the near future. The reasons for this deforestation are industrializing, overpopulation, infrastructure development and housing societies.

Farzana Chandio

Punjab Sets High Benchmarks Of Intergrity Efficiency And Transparency And Merit But Why!

Mother gives funds and budget to their provinces according to their population. Every province of its mother came and received the budget. After receiving budget or funds etc. it would be on the province head how he distributes either in the education, health or other things. Here question raises up that why

Rumisa Malik

Over Population Bomb Is Ticking!

Pakistan is an agriculture country and it is among developing countries and want to be the part of the capitalist market. Despite all of these it is facing lots of issues like poverty, illiteracy, inflation, internal and external challenges and others. But “overpopulation” is on an alarming note, and it is

Alveena Aziz

Pakistan Elections 2018: Who Will Get What!

As per surveys, Provincial voting intention (PVI) for PMLN in Punjab has started from 40.8% in 2013 and has risen up to 50% till 2017. The drastic change has been observed in PVI for PTI in Punjab i.e. from 17.8% (2013) to 31% (2017). PVI for PPP has fallen from 8.8% (2013) to 5% (2017).  The PVI in Sindh

Waqar Younas

Introduction To Management In Easy Words

We can say that management is an art in which we learn that how to get work done by the people or with the people in an organized way. As we know that everyone the different opinion on a situation in this context the following definitions of management are mentioned to define that what is the management?F.W. Tayler said that it is an art to know what you want 

Mujeeb Ur Rehman

Testosterone A Significant Hormone  In Males And Females

Testosterone being an important hormone, has a significant role during the whole lifespan of humans especially males. This significant hormone starts producing almost seven weeks after conception (conceiving of a child) and is responsible for the formation of genitals in case of a boy. It is produced mainly by the testicles in males and in small amounts

Waqar Younus

I Am Possible Nothing Is Impossible

Life is a stage where we perform according to the need of time and everyone in our lives act like an actor, during our performance other actors just play their roles and not participate in the performance of our life. This is the bitter reality of our life. Everyone will guide you towards the achievement of your desired goals, but no one will walk with you to complete your journey because the reality of life is based on the following philosophy.

Farzana Chandio

Usage Of Internet

The era which is going to call dark age or without the technology that dark era gave the birth to many scientists, scholars, philosophers, thinkers, and researchers, and writers. Yes, and of course there had the time period where no any concept of the internet, after all, man use their mind to bring the concept of

Madeeha Saeed

Renowned Maritime Patrol Aircraft-II

When we categories Hercules job, we come to know many tasks which has to done by this aircraft e.g. Transport, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard Equipment, Military, Air Force Equipment, Marine Corps Equipment, Coast Guard. This bird is incredibly a multi tasker and approximately 951 Hercules are in service operations in different part of world

Farzana Chandio

Science Of Women

With the clothes, her attachment is maintained only to the first wearing of it. Her look in a way as the magnetic appeal of a particular garment subsides rapidly and new items of dress obsess her thoughts. In the Similar way, the kind of reaction takes place in Case of money. As long as it is beyond reach, every woman shows an unparalleled- enthusiasm to obtain it, but once it is obtained