Are We In Decline Position?

         Are We In Decline Position?

Once after the creation of Pakistan, a person asked Quaid-e-Azam: “What about the constitution of Pakistan”? Quaid-e-Azam smiled and replied: “The constitution of Pakistan already had been made before fourteen hundred years, everything that is in Quran and in Islam is actually the constitution of Pakistan”. At many different places, Quaid-e-Azam repeated that we got Pakistan just because we are from the different community, our traditions, our festivals and our cultures are totally different from rest of the communities in the world. But nowadays if we turn back the pages of History we will realize that it is not that state which made by our ancestors after unforgettable struggle and sacrifices. Today it is very difficult to find our unique culture, tradition and our thaws, we just have hybrid things in which the dominant traits are from western society and few recessive traits are remaining from our Islamic society. We are diverting from the teachings of Islam one of the Muslim reformers in the Subcontinent once told that “I am so afraid of the day when there will be no difference between a Muslim and a non-Muslim “History has a witness that whenever we, the Muslims, diverted from our religion we always got the decline position among others. In the current scenario, all of the Muslims in the world are in poor condition It seems like they are at the decline, Including Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sham, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Palestine, Egypt, Kashmir etc. Though Pakistan is an atomic power country but since the creation of Pakistan we could not get the strong position in the world, on the contrary, China came into being after the independence of Pakistan but China holds a strong position in the world either social, or economical, it is included in the developed countries of the world. It is very necessary to change our position now. We have to change our social and economic status soon for gaining a strong position in the world otherwise just sit and wait for the decline as the decline of the Mughals, Abbasids, Turks, the ottoman and others.

We need to follow our religious teachings. Honesty, Unity and the Faith are the three main swords which can conquer others and which are important for ruling independently in the world. It is not necessary to change the world but is it necessary to change our self at first.

In The current situation of Pakistan the sword of “Honesty” would be more powerful. All of the departments including, law, education, police, Health, Ministry need this sword to make their roots strongest, to make Pakistan strongest and to make their image strongest in front of the others.

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