Animated Movies In Pakistan In 2018

Noor ul Huda


Pakistan was once the 4th largest country in the world for producing films. It was between1959 to 1977 that the Pakistani film industry was known to be in its Golden Age. In 1979(when General Zia Ul Haq took over the country) due to heavy entertainment taxes, films stopped being produced and as a result, the mainstream audience in cinema was lost. By early 2000&, an industry which once was producing 70 to 100 films annually till 1979 was struggling to produce even a single film a year. It was the worst period of the Pakistani film industry. In 2007 a series and mature directors and writers finally took an initiative for making films. By the year 2011, 11 new cinemas screens were also added to the country. In 2015 Pakistani film industry made a big step again towards its Golden Age. It is safe to say that the film industry has finally come on the right track slowly and gradually. As the Pakistani industry began to grow, many Pakistani animators (who were working in UK, Hollywood, and Disney Walt) also started to produce Pakistani animated cartoon movies.

In 2018, not only Pakistani animated movies are formed but many of them hit on the box office. Here is a list of movies with a brief description that is released in 2018


It is a Pakistani computer-animated film directed by Uzair Zaheer Khan. It depicts the story of a young boy and his relationship with animals. The film is produced by 3rd world studios and distributed by ARY films. Having the scenario of northern regions of Pakistan, the story follows Allahyar, a young and mischievous boy who deals with circumstances that he never thought possible. The movie aims to shed light on the preservation and illegal hunting of Wildlife with the main characters Mehru, a Markhor and Chakku (a snow leopard being endangered species). It released on 2 February 2018 and has made the business of 4.76 crores on box office.


The Donkey King is a Pakistani computer-animated comedy film directed by Aziz Jindani and produced by Talisman studios and Geo films. Jindani revealed that he had the idea of this film since 2003 and started working on the film in 2013 during working on his Commander Safeguard animated series.

The film is about laundryman donkey Mongo who is trapped by fox and has to become king. Mongo takes kingship as fun but later he realizes his position as a king and tries to prove himself. The release date announced for the film was 13 October 2013 but it released a day earlier.

The Donkey king recorded the biggest opening in Pakistan for an animated film, collecting Rs 36 lakh. After the eighth week of its release, the film crossed up to 22.25 crore and continuously hit on the box office nowadays. It is also a Pakistani 1st animated cartoon movie which is at the top in box office business as compared to other Pakistani animated cartoon movies.


Tick Tock is a Pakistani computer-animated film directed by Omar Hassan and written by Omair Ali. The story describes Hassan and Dania who embark upon a time travel adventure along with their teacher KK. The story evolves fun-filled adventure as they meet the greatest heroes of Pakistani history and overcome all the negative forces to keep the timeline intact. Adventurous twists and turns packed with fun and action make this movie a unique experience for kids. The film is distributed by Hum films and Everyday studios throughout Pakistan on March 23rd, 2018.

Here are some films which are producing in 2018 and expected to release in 2019.


It is an upcoming conspiracy thriller animated film about the current Middle East crises. 4 young boys select a craze to create peacekeeping program to protect the world from conspiracy theory of Dajjal’s followers who are waiting for their fake messenger that will rule the world and destroy all world religions.


It is an upcoming Pakistani 1st hand drawn “anime (animation originating from or associated with Japan cartoons)” movie. The story of the film set in the waterfront town. It revolves around a young boy named Vincent who works at his father’s glass shop where he falls in love with a girl named Alliz, a violinist, who frequently visits the shop.


Son of Kashmir “Burhan” is another upcoming Pakistani animated movie based on the issue of Kashmir and tells the story of a young Kashmiri militant who was involved in fights with Indian forces before being killed by armed forces. The movie is based on a real story of young Kashmiri boy who left his house in early age and became the member of Kashmiri Separatist movement and then went on to become commander of Kashmiri Separatist organization.

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