Alas! An eminent chef, cooking expert, famous totka’s master Zubaida Tariq fondly known as Zubaida appa is no more with us. Great personality zubaida appa has been passed away on first week of this year on Thursday 5 of January age of 72 years form heart failure Karachi.

Her death has been widely condoled not only in the TV film industry but also political leadership also condoled on her death.  

Zubaida appa was born 1945 in a prominent Urdu _ speaking family which is known for literatures, intellectuals, and artists. In 1947 her family migrated to Pakistan and settled in Karachi. She had 10 other siblings, the most notable are Fatima surraya bajiya (an Urdu novelist and play writer) Zehra Nigah (an Urdu poet) and her brother Anwer maqsood a famous poet, drama and song writer, designer sughra kazmi. She got married with her first cousin at age of 21. She made her debut at the age of 50 as cooking advisor in 1996. Her first program was ‘‘Dalda Ka Dastarkhwan.’’

Zubaida Appa was popular for her unique culinary style and her love for traditional food. She also famous for household tips (Totka’s) which is beneficial for both genders. The good thing of her cooking shows and her style was that she always promoted desi food and used traditional ingredients in her cooking. She wrote many culinary books. She started her media career from masala TV with the title ‘‘Haandi’’۔She worked  for many  numerous TV channels  like  Geo ,ARY, Hum etc. along that she also invited as guest  and judge on different TV channels. She had been in the field of media for nearly 18 years. Zubaida appa also became household name across Pakistan. With her often surprising to solution of everyday problems. Zubaida Appa has lots of respect and viewership and live in millions of heart in Pakistan and abroad.  She also launched her beauty product for Pakistani’s girl with title ‘‘ab gora ho ga Pakistan’’ (now Pakistan will be fair) the product’s name was ‘Zubaida Aapa Whitening Soap’. But she faced so many criticism on this product. Instaead all of this she was a great lady. Instead of all that Zubaida appa was a great and universal lady, she was a lady with positive thoughts. An era was end with her death. Although she left us but her teachings, her Totkas are still with us and we can get benefits from her remidies and totka’s.May Allah rest her soul in peace.(Ameen)

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