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Water is indeed a great blessing of Allah Almighty. No Live on Earth can survive without water. Recent days, we listen to a voice regarding “storage of water “.Pakistan was facing the worst condition due to lack of water that was an alarming situation for people. All of the dams were at the dead level. It was said that “Pakistan could be dry by the year 2025”. There was a roar of people asking for the construction of dams. Chief justice of Pakistan asked for collecting funds from the people of Pakistan, and then we see a huge number of people donating for dams including children sacrificing their pocket money. Old one sacrificing their pensions, government employees giving their one-day salaries. Then we came across a student who got the third position in intermediate exams, got a prize of 50 thousand, he donate that money for dams. This was Pakistan which the world is unable to see but ALLAH knowing all, has planned something surprising for Pakistan.

By going through such a situation we came to know about three realities. First was the heartlessness of India, whose Government built a lot of dams so that Pakistan could face the shortage of water and so that in Future Pakistan face the worst famine, as Pakistan Agriculture depends upon water coming from India. As India cannot defeat Pakistan in any other condition, so India decided to defeat Pakistan geographically but our Governments were not willing to think about it…

Secondly, we came to know about the real faces of Our Politicians, who take the vote from the public for their well-being, but no one of them was willing to make dams, because they were not facing the shortage of water. They are living a lavish life in which all their needs are fulfilled, so they were not worried about the crisis of water.

The Above two were the harsh realities, but the Third one is the most beautiful reality, that was the blessing of Allah Almighty, who blessed our country with “Monsoon rains” and cherishes our dead level dams with life. Allah proves his name “Al Mu’id” (The Reinstater who brings back All).Maybe we were not blessed with rains due to our sins but I can say it with 100 % confidence that when ALLAH see our passion towards dams, Because we all knew that funding takes times, then construction takes too much time. If we are not blessed with rains, then we can imagine the situation we all were facing but ALLAH save us from such situation and Allah blessed us with “Rains”. So ALLAH proves Quaid saying true “No Power on The Earth can Undo Pakistan” Yes because Divine Forces are above all the Powers on the Earth “.




But this is not the End , it is a temporary solution gifted by Allah Almighty, we have to find the solution regarding this problem as we all know “ALLAH helps those who help themselves”, not every time we will be  helped by ALLAH without having our own efforts, Because fruits are given to only those who struggle for them. We hope that our new Prime minister will take this issue seriously and bring Pakistan out of this situation with the support of the whole nation, In Sha ALLAH whole nation will stand by him in this alarming situation, and in his command, and we will make our country a happy place to live in. Pakistan Zindabad!!

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