Aids Given To Pakistan In 2018

Tamkeen Zaman


Aids has always become the part of Pakistan as it is a developing country and now in future, we don’t expect much as it looks irresistible Pakistan is seeking and taking aids from many countries but the major one from them is China and US .in 2018 Pakistan seek aid from following countries and banks

China agrees to give Pakistan loan of $ 2b

China to give Pakistan ‘grant’ as UAE mills mean $6 b in aid

Moreover, China endorses IMF to give Pakistan the maximum aid

The US has confirmed that it will cut $300 m in aid to Pakistan so Pakistan got $ 33 billion in 2018.

Pakistan receives the first instalment of $3b from Saudi Arabia

But according to 1 reported Pakistan got $ 6b from Saudis

Pakistan gets $6.6 million loans from IMF

Asian development bank give Pakistan a loan of $7.1b

ABD has approved $32.1 in project assistance to Pakistan

Pakistan receives $ 11.487 aid from Islamic development banks

Here is some discussion of ideas about aids given to Pakistan by the US, China and Saudis

Here is some discussion about aids given to Pakistan in 2018 by China, US and Saudis

First time Pakistan was attacked by financial aid in 2001 by the USA when US Congress approved $18 b but bow in 2018 US has taken decisions to cut $ 300 m in  aid to Pakistan they are doing so but they consider it a great coalition support fund.

Whatever the situation but now they have taken this decision as it is a step towards extremism the majority of aid comes from united states via the coalition’s support fund which is reimbursement to Pakistan for Terrorism operations but this foreign aid from America has been stopped in 2018 in 2018 , a few months earlier prime minister Imran Khan reached Saudi Arabia on his first foreign visit after becoming the prime minister to seek aid regarding educational and other fields prime minister was scheduled to call on king Salman and hold a bilateral meeting with crown prince Muhammad bin Salman bin Abdullah to discuss regional and international and according to official visit and speculation that Pakistan will seek Riyadh’s economic assistance instead of going for a bailout package from international monetary fund Pakistan plans to borrow more than $ 6 billion from Saudi backed Islamic development bank

The officially it has been claimed that loan would not cover Pakistan’s expected financing gap of at least $ 25 during this year and but I think so that it’s great contribution it has been already drawn up to borrow up to $ 12 b, they also gave many educational aids to Pakistan as well. recently there one more stop of financial aid of Pakistan towards China as China is providing aid to Pakistan since 1947 recently we come to know that China agrees to give $ 2 b loans to a major development China has agreed to it which means a move meant to arrest the sliding official foreign currency reserves and provides much-needed breathing space to the new government moreover China lends $1 billion to Pakistan and she also always endorsed Pakistan’s aid request to IMF Pakistan and in 2018 China promise more economic aid for Pakistan but has yet to provide details of how it will in 2018 Pakistan China agree to boost cooperation in education sector China is also providing educational scholarships. A new statement has come from the embassy of the people republic of China in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan that a statement on terrorism and according to it the Chinese embassy in Pakistan strongly condemns the terrorist attack against the Chinese consulate general in Karachi….

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