After Shocks Of Senate Elections 2018

After Shocks Of Senate Election 2018

For processing the system of Federal government, government divided into three departments’ legislation, management and judiciary. Legislation of Pakistan is called Parliament (Majlis-e-Shoora). Parliament consist of two houses Upper House (Senate) and Lower House (National Assembly) .The strength of members of National Assembly is 342. The strength of members of Senate is 104. In Senate, province got the equal representation. Means from every province including 22 technocrat ladies, from Islamabad including 4 one religious scholar and one woman, from tribal area 8 and 4 minorities members elects. Relative provincial assembly elects the members on the basis of representation for 6 years. After every 3 years half members retired and new members elected on their place. Members of Islamabad and tribal area elected through National Assembly. In recent election 3 March , 2018  PML-N got 33 seats , PPP got 20 seats , PTI got 12 seats , MQM-P got got 5 seats , NP got 5 seats JUI got 4 seats , PKMAP got 3 seats JI got 2 seats , ANP got 1 seat , BNPM  got 1 seat , PML-F got 1 seat and Independents got 17 seats . Now PML-N becomes a big class of Senate. After Senate election horse trading become a big issue. Some politician claimed there was horse-trading in the Senate election. Horse trading means buying and selling of horse means to say “horse dealing”. In politics horse trading means vote trading. For the selection of 4 senators of Fata, 8 members of National Assembly have claimed of horse trading. In Punjab candidate of PML-N Zubair Gull defeated because of horse trading .In the success of Chaudhary Sarwar member of PTI, has claimed that there was horse trading. Then election commission call to 8 parliamentarians on the issue of horse trading in which Imran Khan, Maryam Urngzaib, Farooq Sitar, Raza Haroon, Shahab-ul-din, Uzma Bukhari and Khawaja Izhar .The election commission was first time hear the issue of horse trading of Senate election. The election commission said bad luck is that the person who buy the vote and the person who sell the vote, both are parliamentarians. After hearing the issue election commission said for the further investigation we use all authorities. We take help from FIA and other departments. Election commission delayed the hearing of case till 4 April. Total members of Senate are 104 but votes cast by 103 members. This is the first time in the history of Pakistan, PPP and PTI selected the same person for the chairman of Senate from Balochistan. Sadiq Sanjrani which selected from opposition parties got 57 votes and won the election and become a chairman of Senate. Sadiq Sanjrani was born on 14 April 1978 in Noki Kundi Balochistan (Pakistan) . He is a politician and contest the chairman of Senate election as an independent candidate from Balochistan and preceded by Raza Rabbani. Sirdar Yaqub Nasir was the presiding officer. Saleem Mandviwalla also selected from opposition parties and got 54 votes and won the election and become a deputy chairman of Senate. He was born on 25 January 1959 in Karachi (Pakistan). He is a politician and contest the election of deputy chairman of Senate election as a member of PPP and proceeded by Abdul Ghafoor Haideri. Fifty two senators were retired of different parties. Nawaz Sharif was disqualified on 28 July, 2017 due to Panama issue and he also disqualified from his party leadership. After this his party gain great success. But now PML-N not won his own candidate for chairman and deputy chairman of Senate. This is very sad thing for PML-N. Maybe if opposition are united in general election 2018 then they make tough time for PML-N. But now after senate election, it is very difficult for Pakistan Muslim League N to pass any bill in the favor of Nawaz Sharif as they have not so much power left in Senate after the defeat in the Chairman and Deputy Chairman Senate of Election. The only solution to bring back Nawaz Sharif in Parliament is the Presidential Ordinance. Some senators having dual citizenship. Now we see the issue that Supreme Court stand about dual nationality on 5 March 7 days before Senate election and announced that the senators which have dual nationality will leave their foreign nationality and those who will be selected as the candidate of the election of Senate will verify their nationality. PTI member Chaudhary Sarwar holding the foreign nationality of UK and Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi’sister Sadia Abbasi holding the foreign nationality of US and also PML-N member Nuzhat abbasi holding the foreign nationality of US. Haroon Akhtar holding foreign nationality of Canada but he will not admit it. Chaudhary Sarwar member of PTI and Rehman Malik member of PPP had revoked the foreign nationality. After Supreme Court, notice senators which holding foreign nationality will leave their foreign nationality submitted the affidavit. Then returning officers will clarify the candidates. Then election commission stopped their notification of victory of 5 new elected members. After this Supreme Court order the election commission to give their notification of victory to candidates. Supreme Court verify that 7 members of the larger bench will give the final decision on dual nationality.

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