About Us

BQ Research and Development intends to serve as a forum for young readers & writers where their covert skills & notions can be polished with the assistance of our proficient staff. Besides, it works to empower women and the community at large.

After realizing that research & education are the only weapons to fight & win the war against illiteracy, poverty, poor hygienic conditions, low socioeconomic figures & low development indices of our beloved country Pakistan, BQRND emerges as a staunch advocate to the perception that revolution can only be brought by providing learning opportunities at grass root level. It is engaged in several educational activities like guiding & publishing research articles of fledgling apprentices, providing plagiarism checking facilities to students at reasonable charges, arranging home-based online learning prospects for learners at negligible cost and polishing novice authors at zero cost. BQRND is further targeting at breaking social taboos by reaching out & motivating youth to glorify the future of Pakistan.

Services Offered By BQ Research and Development.

1. Article Writing/ Thesis and Research Publication.

Free Registration for new ones till 31st May 2020. Do WhatsApp on our official number +923338700593 for registration procedure.

2. Plagiarism Checking Services at low charges. For registration do WhatsApp on our official number +923338700593

3. Different online courses offered at low charges for female by BQ Research and Development so that they can easily learn at home. Also certificates provided at the end of course. For more information do WhatsApp on our official number +923338700593

4. Want to do business with BQ Research and Development at home (female only ). If you are capable of making video lectures and you have confidence and bold enough to come live on facebook then join us and do business with us.

a. Female Teacher for Spoken English Language course.
b. Female Teacher for Graphic Designing/ Adobe Photoshop
c. Female Teacher for Article Writing/ Thesis and Research writing.
d. Female teacher for freelancing.
e. Female teacher for Microsoft Office.

If anyone interested then send your CV at both email I’d


and also do WhatsApp on our official number +923338700593.

Note: Interviews will be conduct on calls and our system is totally home based and online and there is no office of this website.

BQ Research and Development

Disclaimer: Articles published on bqrnd.com are the based on opinions/views of different literate individuals from all over the world. No content can be used as evidence/proof in any legal issue. BQ Research & Development reserves the right to remove any article and project of any writer without mentioning reason.