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Pakistan which is known because of its geographical situation has a combination of 4 seasons and full of natural resources.

Despite low consumption of greenhouse gases, Pakistan had to face severe climate changes and environmental disaster such as floods during the last decade. At the time of independence, about 25% area of Pakistan was covered with forests which were according to international rules regarding forests but Pakistan’s total forest area was back to 3.3% in 1990 which has fallen to an alarming 1.9% by 2015

And the result is that now Pakistan is one of the 7 countries most affected by global warming. Overuse of rangelands, heavy dependence of rural population on biomass energy, ineffective enforcement of the law by forestry institutions and forest fires are major reasons of deforestation. So there is a crucial need of reforestation and afforestation in order to save the country from devastating effects of deforestation.

After new government arrival, the movement of green Pakistan programme has gained its sparkle which was initiated by former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and now integrated as BILLION TREE TSUNAMI. Because of new government successful experience of billion tree project in KP province, this campaign kicks off the whole country including Federal, all 4 provinces, Gilgit Baltistan and Azad Kashmir. Two development schemes are being implemented. Social forestry to increase tree cover for the fair environment in public areas Enhance range lands production and planting of fodder trees for former community.

This campaign objective is to motivate the general public to make Pakistan greener and inspire communities, businesses, industrial sector, organizations and the civil society to come together to come up aim because our today’s decision will decide our tomorrow’s  future.

WWF Pakistan campaign titled “RUNG DO PAKISTAN ” is an opportunity for all patriots to come and play their part positively towards protecting our ecosystem and extend it to the whole country. 200 events would be held nationwide during the campaign. Events will be showcased in 18 major cities in all provinces and AJK.

Plantation helps to mitigate the adverse effects of climate changes, regulate water cycles and increase the green cover helps to protect environment and wildlife, as compared to deforestation which is the ultimatum of low percentages of rain, temperature increase, melting of glaciers and desertification.

Through this campaign, WWF Pakistan aims to contribute to the Bonn challenge, a global effort to restore 150 million hectares of the world’s deforested land by 2020 and 350 million hectares by 2030. It is expected that 1.4 million trees at maturity will remove 70 million pounds of atmospheric carbon dioxide and raising of 1.4 million plants from potted plants, cutting and sowing will generate 8750 man-days of employment for local and 1400 hectares of forests cover will recharge about 1344 million liters of water annually.

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