A Road To Freelance Writing – Beginners Guide (2018 -2020) Part – I

Madeeha Saeed

A Road To Freelance Writing Beginners Guide (2018 -2020)Part – I  

How to be like wannabe business writers who sell their words in bunch of dollars?

Freelancing, how does it works? What if you are budding freelancer who is not aware of anything regarding effective freelancing?

What if you have got skillset but competition is the factor which is demoralizing your zeal to be a good seller?

What if you have got skillset and enthusiasm side by side, but you have got zero testimonials to prove them?

What if you think you are a good writer and want to test it in freelancing but have not ample knowledge to give it an energetic start?

Hey! Peeps, I’m going to knock-out all of your goddamn fears in this series of articles, where I would not skip any crevice related to freelancing and freelance writing.

Freelancer & A Writer, these two things were totally different occupations for me, when I was just a blogger. Before I started freelancing with a brand new niche, I did not know its potential. I was 2nd year Software engineering student with a pocket money of 2k and I was dependent on my parents. Still, being my parents’ kid, I’m still dependent on them, but there is a sigh of relief and dint of happiness which for now, surrounds my life. Now, I don’t have to rush to Dad for everything I need, now I’m self-employed. I’m earning to the level where I, just isn’t satisfying my needs but also I’m going extra miles whereupon I did not think, I would have gone after welcoming freelancing in my life. I’m not just giving my university fee but also spending my money on things which couldn’t be possible for me to afford them before getting into freelancing.

For students, there are always hurdles and one mighty hurdle is “not having enough money”. Yes! Obviously I’m talking bait most of the students, Not about small percentage of students who are pretty overly rich. I, too haven’t faced any financial problems in my whole life but there is a thing called “Responsibility”, which is very important for most of the people who want to live responsibly by managing their own selves in their own capacities. When you become university student or become no more a teenager, your conscience always force you to take responsibilities of your own self. It’s not about taking big responsibilities like uplifting whole family for financial needs to get done or anything marvelous but just about yourself. Like, you’d want to manage things by yourself and don’t want to rely on your family anymore. If it doesn’t happened with you, when you came into your university life, then you might be immature by nature or might be irresponsible. You may contradict me here and it might be sounding rude for so many people but it is hard-core truth. At least, you should have try to take your responsibilities enough to stand as a responsible adult.


All of this talk, which might be not pensive for so many readers or may seems useless. But, without motivation, you wouldn’t take a leap. So, let’s come to the point, which is tada… “Freelancing”.


Every one of us knows well about freelancing i.e. being self-employed and not committed to any employer or job for lengthy time span. So, yep! Freelance writer is one of the self-employed occupation which you could adopt and could earn well enough to sustain good lifestyle. As, I said earlier, I would talk about freelancing with a perspective of student.

 First of all, let’s discuss, why freelance writing over any kind of job?


The most important thing is, one don’t have to get committed to any kind of hefty job for long time. You would feel easy peasy and would find yourself more motivated day by day. This might be not very astonishing thing for people who have got their degree at their hand but for present university student, who struggling through so many things, not have to mention, freelancing could do wonders for them.


So, I would be pitching the most asked queries from people who want to start their journey as a freelance writer.

How to get started?

This is not a simple question for an experienced freelance writer who have been asked multiple times. In fact for me, it wasn’t. The answer to this query is; it totally varies from person to person. Some people belongs to strong background of writing e.g. students who are perusing degree in English language or have been done with it, people who ae blogging along with their degrees and also those, who have been writing since their childhood and I was from the last category. I’ve been writing since I was 9 years old and I had habit of writing diaries in English and in my native; Urdu as well. For creative writer, English language proficient and for blogger, freelance writing proves to be fine to give a good start. WHY? Because these guys have got their steady samples of writing at their hands. They have got bulks of examples which shows how well they could write in English. These guys would land a high paying client in less time than those who don’t have any sample at all. Second plus point is, they have got experience of writing bulks and that’s what made them standout wordsmiths over people who don’t write at all.

If you want to start freelancing in a niche of writing without having any writing experience before, then you have to go through a long journey. You have to put some efforts without getting into frustration, you have to prove yourself that’s WHY YOU? So forth, for budding freelance writer with no records to prove their skills, first thing is to start writing. Writing what? I always recommend new writers to start writing articles of your choice for blogs and online web magazines. When they’d publish your articles, you’d get your initial samples for offering them to clients in order to convince them to do work with you. Start with pitching upon local magazine and blogs which are famous in your country and community, get some viewers, readers and traffic. After writing some, switch towards famous web blogs e.g. start writing on Fuzia.com (For girls), for creative girls.com, medium (finest platform), weebly, squarespace, wordpress, blogger, wix, tumblr, weheartit and many more. Get some audience on your personal blogs of social media like Facebook, Instagram and twitter and share your articles and small write-ups in caption of influencing pictures. All these steps would lead you to make a strong skill set which would not only furnish your writing skills but also would make up your instant credibility as a freelance writer.


Now, you have got skill set, have got enough writing stuff which proves that you are a good potential writer. You’ve made up your demand. After this, choose you niche, a niche which is yours. What is a niche? Niche is your specialty. Google writing niches which are probably in demand in present era and learn them all. After learning, you’d know what could be your niche, in which you would want to excel. Do not restrict yourself to that niche in your initial months of freelancing, if you get any kind of writing work which you think you can do, welcome it, and embrace it at any cost. Those would lead you to make-up your testimonials and that’s how you would get ratings.


This was starter, Second thing is where to start?

For new freelancers, freelancing websites could be the good option. On web, many people discourage it but according to my experience, these websites give you exposure. You invest on your skills and learns real marketing. There are famous freelance sites like Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr and many more. I had started with Fiverr and my experience with Upwork wasn’t went well. So, for linearity, I would recommend to start with Fiverr. Make up your gigs in this way that the buyer would eventually attract towards it. In next article, I would discuss how to make up a Fiverr profile and how to get your initial clients.


Until then, Give some love to this article and share it, so others would get some help.

Tada…, bye!


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