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The 21st century is an age of radical changes, the peak of advancement, and the height of knowledge. Now man has become a modern man in his attitude, behavior, lifestyle, thinking, desires, and aims. He is much different from his forefathers. By exploring the history of mankind we can see that how man gradually covered every step of his awareness and advancement. In the very past though the man was proving his specifications among other creatures of God, in the 16th century there came a far-flung revamp in the history of mankind. This change was known as Renaissance a revival or rebirth. It was said that “man so long blinded had suddenly opened his eyes and seen”. The chief characteristic of this movement was Humanism” which means “man‘s concern with himself is as an object of contemplation. Its motto was “the proper study of MANKIND” here the man realized the value of his existence. He thought about himself, not about bloody wars, false authority and imaginative mythology. Rather he focused to equipped himself with advance branches of knowledge, radical political ideas, reality-based holy views, well-formed social behavior and then the whole universe becomes the witness of man’s glory, every secret of universe unmasked before man, heavenly bodies bare their eye-opening and dumbfounding facts. Astronomer like Galileo Invented telescope, Vasco da Gama who circumnavigated the earth, Columbus who discovered America, Copernicus who discovered solar system, Michelangelo Italian sculptor and painter, Shakespeare a legend writer, king Henry viii a great politician, were born to meliorate the majesty & grandeur of man. 

But now in the present time Renaissance man closing his eyes and forgetting about humanism. The world once again prevailing by dark ages, humanity is taking the plunge into the fathom of chaotic era and abyss. 

The reasons are numberless                  

NO: 1 SELF-PRAISE Self-awareness is desirable but self-praise is menacing ail, and modern man has become the victim of this perilous habit. Every nation is trying to establishing its authority over others.                                                                   

NO:2 A BITTER REALITY Apparently it seems that man of the modern world is touching the height of achievements but actually man once again entering in the dark ages, where Might is Right, Poor endured a lot ,Leaders were entangled in  the race of gaining power, Religion was used for worldly matters, politics was a dirty game ,Knowledge was restricted to rich, humanity was exploiting, Didactic literature vanished war was a symbol of   manful, Cries and Sighs were enjoyed, ethics were bankrupt. BARNARD SHAW rightly said                                                       “That is what is wrong with the world at present, it scraps its obsolete steam engines and dynamos, but it won’t scrap its old prejudices and its old moralities and its old religions and its old political institutions”.                             

NO:3 WE ARE THE BROKEN MEN Our land is the wasteland, we condensate a lot but convey nothing, we learn a lot but comprehend nothing, we know a lot but apply nothing, we run a lot but reach nowhere.            

NO: 4 SOMETIMES IGNORANCE IS A BLISS                                                                    Sometimes it is better to have little knowledge because it gives us a sort of satisfaction. “WIDESPREAD AWARENESS CREATED MESS” people who know little about happening around the world are living a life free of distractions as compared to those who know the future of the world.  The best example can be quoted from the country of Pakistan where a sort of agony, dissatisfaction, mismanagements, criticism, is overpowering its people. The new government is facing severe criticism and reaction of mass. This expansive awareness may become a hindrance to performing duties smoothly. Now the questions arise        if we need a Renaissance again? Is the world going to its end? Is ignorance really bliss?



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