5 Best Camera Apps in 2018 For Your Golem Device

5 Best Camera Apps in 2018 For Your Golem Device

The stock camera in your golem device will an honest job, however different camera apps supply most further practicality that it’d be a shame to not strive a minimum of many of them. To urge you started, we’ve appointed blossom five best camera apps in 2017 for your golem device. Some cater to skilled photographers United Nations agency needs to play with as several settings as attainable, whereas others square measure good for selfie addicts.

Camera FV-5

Camera Zoom FX

  • Candy Camera
  • Open Camera
  • Snapchat

Camera FV-5

If you’d wish to save cupboard space on your golem device and install simply one camera app, Camera FV-5 would be our prime recommendation. This mature camera app has to date been translated to over thirty languages and downloaded by virtually 0.5 1,000,000 of users.

Camera FV-5 permits you to take footage within the DNG raw file format, gap a replacement realm of post-processing potentialities. You’ll alter all parameters, as well as exposure redress, ISO, focus, white balance, shutter speed etc.

Forget about different camera apps—Camera FV-5 comes with inherent interval meter for time-lapses, full exposure, scene modes assess, post-processing tools, and different helpful options. Just bear in mind that not all golem devices square measure supported equally well, therefore you must use the time period provided by the Play Store so that you get the advantage.

Camera Zoom FX

Aimed at beginners and professional users alike, the Camera Zoom FX app is one the app that is mostly downloaded from play store. It comes with full manual controls and a prolonged list of powerful options, which may include, time lapse, HDR, collages, filters etc.

The simple programed makes it easy to access all options of the app with simply many taps on the show and make it more capable. Ensure the version of the app that is usually on sale for simply many bucks.

Candy Camera

Most of the seven million+ people used Candy Camera and it is satisfactory that it’s the simplest selfie camera for usage. There are several filter display on the screen with the just single tap. Strive as several of them as you would like till you discover the design you’re yearning for. From there, you’ll build minor changes victimization the inherent beauty functions, as well as the piece of writing tools for concealer, lipstick, blush, eyeliner, mascara, slimming, and change of color.

Once you’re finished, you’ll add stickers to brighten your selfies.  It is supported to share on social media. If you do not feel good taking picture publically, you can put it into silent mode.

Open Camera

Those of you United Nations agency like to tinker with technology ought to strive Open Camera. Because the name suggests, this camera app is an open camera. You can download this app and can modify. That may, in fact, need in-depth information of programming, however, you’ll get so much even while not it. The app is supposed to be totally customizable, creating it attainable to vary the interface, alter the camera settings, connect external microphones, and more.

If you like the app, you will express experience in different ways. You can develop the different app and can translate it into different languages; you can submit your report and provide the developer with good response.


You may think about Snapchat additional as a second electronic communication app instead of a camera app, however, additional and additional individuals use Snapchat on every day to require Snaps with fun filters and computer graphics. According to the recent survey, 71% user use this app on daily basis for chatting in a different way by expressing imagine. on the far side these options, Snapchat may be used numerous events, printed options, and media content, though one-quarter of those surveyed weren’t at home with these options.

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